Monday, September 29, 2008

Updates of the Family

Shawn and I were able to go to the Atlanta Temple on Thursday!! It was so fun and such a nice break. Thank you Dawnell for watching the girls! It was a 6 hour round trip, but we feel so blessed to be somewhat close to a temple!

Shawn has been busy with school and bishopric. I have been busy with two crazy but adorable girls. We really do like living in Athens - It feels like we have always been here. We are definitely experiencing a lot, but we feel so blessed for such a wonderful family.

Cute Flowers!

I love the Temple!! They are all always so beautiful!

I told Shawn we needed to get good at taking pictures by ourselves for our Cruise!! YEP - you read right! WE ARE GOING ON A CRUISE! I decided that we needed some alone time, a break from school, the girls and our day-to-day routine. So from January 2-January 8 we will be in Florida, visiting the Bahamas! I am so excited. Shawn's parents are coming out to watch the girls which is perfect too! Sorry Mom and Dad, I knew you would come - but we will just have to plan another trip!!

With that being said, we have no plans coming home for the Holidays - but definitely we want to come back during the summer (I Hope!)

We are happy and so blessed! Thanks for reading and keeping updated with us! We would love to hear about all of you too!


April said...

Yahooooo for ruises! We've been on two and loved them. They're the perfect relaxing vacation. :) Hope you have a fabulous time.

April said...

erm, make that Yahooo for CRUISES. Heh.

Brooke said...

A cruise, how fun!!! I am so jealous! It sounds like you deserve it with your crazy schedules:) I am sure when January gets here you will be more than ready to get out of there!

Brandon and Jen Jensen said...

Wow! A cruise! Sounds great! I love these pics of you at the temple. Glad you are so happy in peach land!

Jamie said...

I love cruises! We went on one to the carribean and it was the trip of a lifetime. Enjoy it. You guys will have a ball!

The Pratts said...

What fun pictures of your temple trip!! Yea...a cruise...that will be sooo fun!!! Hope you can survive the next few months of craziness. Hang in there...good luck. Andie & Ali are getting so big, we miss you all. Love you.

Natalie said...

Life seems to be crazy... its been a while since I've checked blogs! Yours is sure cute! I love and miss you, Mol! I'm excited for you too... a cruise?! FUN! You guys deserve it!