Monday, September 22, 2008

Life is Wonderful!

Molly’s Daily Schedule

7:00 Morning Prayer

7:15 Family Prayer

7:30 Personal Scripture Study

8:00 Go Walking/Exercise

9:00 Breakfast/Shower/Bath Girls

12:00 Lunch/Naps

4:30 Start Dinner

5:30 Dinner

7:00 Walking with Joy

8:00 Bedtime for Girls

9:00 Scripture Study w/ Shawn

9:30 Family Prayer

10:00 Personal Prayer/ Bedtime

So I am going to attempt the above and let you all know how I do. With this posted openly, maybe I will actually stick to it!! (ha,ha)


tales from the tates said...

Wow, your day is full......of great things! I think you have motivated me to be a little more structured in my own life. Like they say...."A women's work is never done"!!!

Molly said...

PS - my evening walking with Joy is my friend Joy, not just a note to walk and be "joyful"

Southern Belle said...

You can also walk to be "joyful." I won't mind at all. Sounds like a good plan. I need to start doing weights in the morning. I was going good a few weeks ago, but then I crashed.

By the way, you are looking slimmer. I was going to tell you that earlier, but a child distracted me.

The Pratts said...

I don't know what you consider "family prayer" (9:30), but if you include Andie in it, you may want to do it before she goes to sleep at 8. You are so awesome Molly, good job! Just make sure to add in some relaxing time for yourself - you deserve it and need it!

I have also kind of set up a schedule that is similar, but I am embarrassed to show you how long it takes me to clean my house everyday - my family is so messy!

Molly said...

Yes, when I refer to "family prayer" it is with Shawn - the girls and I pray on our own without him, well, when he is not around!

The Birds said...

Ok, that is seriously ambitious (sp?). Do you take the girls with you on all your walks? Oh, and we do need to talk (hee hee!!) We are NOT listed on your friends and family list, used to be, but we got erased, what exactly are you trying to tell us?!! No, just teasing, but I did want to point out that I read your little disclaimer and then noticed we weren't there...too funny! Also, Preston and I watched the video of Ali (sp?) rolling all over, getting and holding her bottle and we were floored!! Cassi is such a mellow baby that we've just enjoyed her being like "la, la". She'll scootch herself around in circles on her back and roll from side to side, but she's just not interested in putting in a lot of work to roll over or around, she's just happy to "be" there! We didn't think much of it until we watched your little Ali and HOLY COW!!! What a mover you have! We think Cassi may be a little lazy and we better start making her move more!!! Any suggestions?

Melissa said...

I am wondering how your schedule is working out and if so I may need to get one of my own. I swear the only time I get things done is if my kids are in bed and it's late. Then I want to be maybe I just need to plan better eh??

Ashley and Spencer Bunn said...

hey i don't know how I found you but Hello, look like you've settled in nicely. hope to hear from you.

rachaeljanae said...

Sounds great! I had to start with an evening schedule, then when that was solid, I slowly added a few things in the morning. We're still working on it...

gregg + camille said...

Did you write it all on a little blue planner like in the mission field? I guess your planners were not blue because you were a spanish missionary! Sounds like a missionary plan!!