Saturday, September 20, 2008

Age Counters

So, I created age counters for the girls, because Shawn saw them on someone's blog and liked it. He himself wanted one too. Unfortunately they didn't have a counter that could give his true age, but we are only 10 years off. You will have to scroll down and look at them on the side bar.

PS - When I showed Shawn his counter he said, "Oh, it's so cute, THANKS!"

Also Note: The sidebar to your right for those of you who doubted your status.


The Pratts said...

What a great idea!! I think I might do one on our could help both of us remember exactly how old he is.

Southern Belle said...

Nice counters. That is funny Shawn wanted one. How is Shawn handling the loss last night? (Brian asks.) I have been bad at writing down since yesterday. I think will have to pay an extra $5 every time I don't reach one of my goals.

The Pratts said...

Way cute! I think I might copy you for the kids, not because I can't remember their ages, but just because it is a cute feature.

PS I like you family and friends list, it made me laugh a little. Are we supposed to list all of our family and friends that don't blog... what is the point, if they don't blog do they see the list?