Monday, May 31, 2010

Nothing to Do...

Give a Pratt girl long enough and she will think of something. I have been done with my "list" of things to do before baby comes for quiet some time now. On Saturday, I found a whole new list of projects. For the record - I did NOT ask Shawn to vacuum the top of the fridge or cabinets (I hadn't even thought of it) but I guess the spring cleaning rubbed off.
Here is what we accomplished on Saturday. I loved Shawn's question, "Will labor put you into labor?" We can only hope - but so far, not.

We vacuumed all the cob-webs (basically vacuumed the ceilings of all the rooms), ceiling fans and baseboards, washed the windows, cleaned both bathrooms, washed all the sheets and changed all the beds, raised the crib, washed all the car seats, vacuumed out the car, mopped the kitchen and bathroom floors, dusted and vacuumed the whole house.
Can you believe that I'm going to have 3 car seats? I didn't take an after picture - but they all look great!

Now, it's Memorial Day and once again, we have nothing to do. I was hoping to go out for a day trip, but Shawn needed to work, since we don't know when baby comes. He has a few deadlines this week and didn't want to procrastinate in case baby came on the day he was planning to get everything done.

Oh well. The girls and I enjoyed a walk around the complex this morning - almost 1 mile (we cut some corners). I pushed them in the stroller the first round, but 80+ lbs. got to be a lot. Nothing seems to help this baby come...oh well! As my mom would say, "She's easier in than out!"

So - if anyone wants to come play with us - we have NO plans....we would love to have visitors!

Friday, May 28, 2010


We had a fun day. We started the morning off, going to the park! The girls had SO much fun in a pile of dirt and I decided to just let them play. (ok, so I asked them MULTIPLE times to stop, but nonetheless) here are my little Indian girls. Later that afternoon, we invited some friends over to go swimming. The girls were SUPER excited to show off their new swimsuits
Ready to go!
Lounging around. Once she got in the *pink* tube....she didn't want out.
Ali on the other hand, became our little fish. She kept "swimming" back and forth to me and Shawn and had a blast!!

Ali saw the big girls "jumping in" and decided she wanted to try. She is trying to run away from us to jump, because the big girls didn't have anyone catching them. Such a funny girl!
Andie on the other my "needs to feel safe and secure" She sure was proud of herself for jumping off the stairs.

Corn on the Cob

We just can't get enough of it!! So delicious!

Monday, May 24, 2010


Grandma Tii - these are for you. The girls have discovered the pre-recorded songs on the piano and LOVE to dance to them. Enjoy!

Ali keeps saying, "Annie (aka Andie), it's too loud!"

PS - if you get an e-mail update, then you have to go to to see the video.

Memorial Park Zoo

Saturday we took the girls to Memorial Park to the little zoo. (Trust me, it's little!) However, it was perfect!! The weather was overcast and it was fun to walk around and just enjoy a leisure morning.

First stop - the alligators. "See you later Alligator" If any of you hang around Andie, you know this is her new favorite saying. In fact, yesterday, she fell asleep on the way home from church. Heather had helped me bring both girls in from the car, because they had both fallen asleep. They were on the couch and I walked Heather to the door, said thanks/good bye and closed the door. Andie got up instantly and said, "Mom, tell Heather 'see you later alligator'" I laughed and opened the door and yelled it out to Heather. It was funny.

Then we saw a turkey...and he actually gobbled at them. Ali thought it was so funny!
Looking at a baby owl.Lovely picture - so cooperative. haha
She never smiles for the camera....but she was having lots of fun!
They have a little lake to walk around. I love Georgia for all the trees and greenery! It's very pretty!
I love Ali's little run. If only you could see it in person...but anyone who has, will laugh when they see this picture! She's so funny.
It was a fun morning. Just the right size to get us out of the house, give the girls time before they got too bored. I enjoyed the time with my little family! They say that "walking" puts you into labor....I say it just makes you tired and sore!

More Projects

Last Wednesday, Shawn had to go to Atlanta and pick something up and offered to take the girls with him. So I had a 4 hour break to myself. I loved it. Thanks Shawn! I was able to finish some small projects that go quickly with no kids - but would have taken double the time if the girls were around.

First, I finished sewing some burp clothes, or rather, enhanced burp clothes for our neighbor. They are having a little boy and I had fun making these. I think they turned out cute! Maybe someday I'll have a boy!With the extra material I made the girls little bean bags. I had extra pellets from our eye spy bags that we made last November. They love them and have fun "tossing" them around. It was fun pretending like I knew what I was doing.
Next - this one has been on my list for quiet a while. I finally got everything to make it. Isn't pretty?
What is it? A place to clip all of the girls bows and flowers....finally. I hung it in the bathroom and already need to make another one because this one is full. Does anyone have ideas how to store headbands?
My last project was making baby's binky clip. I didn't get a picture, but I had made our neighbor a "boy binky clip." I finally found sports beads - so his has blue beads with footballs, soccer balls, baseballs and basketballs. This is when I am glad we are having a girl - because I like making jewelry and it can be very girly, girly!
My list is running low on projects. I finally deep cleaned my room (I don't remember if I blogged about that) It was the last room in the house to be done - and if baby doesn't come soon, I'm going to have to deep clean them all again. My final big project is to HAVE THIS BABY!!! Everything else is ready to go!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Shawn!!

Sunday's are a busy day for Shawn and yesterday it was his BIRTHDAY!!! We happened to manage a fun time, in between meetings. Happy Birthday - we hope you enjoyed your day.

The girls are ready and waiting for Dad to get home from Bishopric Meeting. We had put a birthday banner up, balloons and put his presents out. They couldn't wait to yell, "SURPRISE! Happy Birthday!"Opening which point Andie said, "Mom?! You're taking a picture of me in my PAJAMA'S?" Already embarrassed at 3! Shawn got his favorite thing....CLOTHES (haha) Poor guy! During this time of "needs vs. wants" he sacrifices much. He did get a map to collect the new quarters that will come out over the next 11 years featuring National Parks. With his birthday money from Parents and Grandparents, he bought a wireless router for the computer, so that we can play MarioKart on the Wii with my siblings! Thanks Everyone!!
We surprised him with a yummy brunch in between meetings. A double-decker sausage, egg & cheese mcmuffin. (Note: He didn't want a picture of this, but I was proud of it - so I took one.)
My attempt at a turtle pie. As you may or may not be able to tell, it's HOT and HUMID in Georgia and although it only took me less than 2 minutes to pipe on the hot fudge, it was already melting before I could get it to the freezer. (And no, I was not piping heated hot fudge.) Oh tasted great!!
We ended the evening having a few friends over to play games.
Happy Birthday Shawn! You are a great husband and father and we are so lucky to have you in our lives! (even though you are SO old!) :)


ok - these first two - the girls were just being silly. Andie insisted on pictures.
We got a fun package from Aunt Cammie a week or two ago and simply put - the girls have gone CRAZY and want their hair in a "flower clip" every single day! Thanks Aunt Cammie! You can't see her skirt - but the other parts of the bow are very cute with it.
Andie could NOT WAIT to wear "the big PINK flower!" She was so excitedand yes - it is very big! She loves it!
Punky worries, I ended up tying the ponies back into a third band. I couldn't resist the picture though - she will love me when she's older.

Are they Twins? I guess I can't avoid the question when they look like this...Andie's new "I'm not gonna crack a smile" pose. It's funny.

The last flowers of this post - are actually not for your hair. We had a Relief Society activity last Thursday and I made individual fruit pizza's. A HUGE thanks to Heather for helping slice fruit, frost cookies and decorate. She did most the work!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


These are not in order of accomplishment - but I thought I would share what I've been up to.

I have a sewing bug? Weird eh...since I don't sew. I pretend though. I got some free material from a sister in our ward and so decided to enhance baby's burp clothes. Don't look closely....I was happy with #5 - because I finally figured out a little of how to sew in a straight line. (YES - even though there are lines on the machine and a pedal to follow - it's hard!)This drawer, although might not look good to you - has been driving me NUTS! It's one of a few craft drawers I have that holds ribbon for hair bows and jewelry making supplies. I finally organized it. Now I just need to fix many a bows and bracelet's for baby!!
Hmmm....homemade strawberry jam. Need I say more?Let's just say - 6 cups of mashed strawberries to 12 cups of sugar....NO WONDER it tastes so good. I ended up making 4 batches total - we should be good for another year!
Mmmm...I need to go make some rolls!
Finally - I finished the dresser a few weeks ago. To me - it looks 100 times better. Because I didn't put on the same handles as before, you can see where I filled in the 2nd hole - in the future I might mod podge some sort of something - but for now, I am satisfied. Maybe when Grandma T gets back from Russia she can come toll paint something on the front of the drawers?
I did like the natural color, after we had sanded it and wish that I could have found a clear varnish or something - but I am happy with it. It was my first refinishing project!