Monday, May 31, 2010

Nothing to Do...

Give a Pratt girl long enough and she will think of something. I have been done with my "list" of things to do before baby comes for quiet some time now. On Saturday, I found a whole new list of projects. For the record - I did NOT ask Shawn to vacuum the top of the fridge or cabinets (I hadn't even thought of it) but I guess the spring cleaning rubbed off.
Here is what we accomplished on Saturday. I loved Shawn's question, "Will labor put you into labor?" We can only hope - but so far, not.

We vacuumed all the cob-webs (basically vacuumed the ceilings of all the rooms), ceiling fans and baseboards, washed the windows, cleaned both bathrooms, washed all the sheets and changed all the beds, raised the crib, washed all the car seats, vacuumed out the car, mopped the kitchen and bathroom floors, dusted and vacuumed the whole house.
Can you believe that I'm going to have 3 car seats? I didn't take an after picture - but they all look great!

Now, it's Memorial Day and once again, we have nothing to do. I was hoping to go out for a day trip, but Shawn needed to work, since we don't know when baby comes. He has a few deadlines this week and didn't want to procrastinate in case baby came on the day he was planning to get everything done.

Oh well. The girls and I enjoyed a walk around the complex this morning - almost 1 mile (we cut some corners). I pushed them in the stroller the first round, but 80+ lbs. got to be a lot. Nothing seems to help this baby come...oh well! As my mom would say, "She's easier in than out!"

So - if anyone wants to come play with us - we have NO plans....we would love to have visitors!


Pratt Fam said...

Wow! You have been working on a ton of projects, I'm impressed!

Southern Belle said...

Hey my place needs a good cleaning. Come on over. :) We just cleaned every closet and now I am doing sewing projects all week. We should have the girls get together and play.

Katie Jo said...

Yes.... your mom is so right. So much easier in than out! hehe Hang in there!

MTMcGee said...

Way to go getting all that done before little girl gets are good!!! WE can't wait to see pictures of her. Best wishes! We hope she comes soon.

Monica said...

I wish I could get that much done! Jeez!