Monday, May 17, 2010


ok - these first two - the girls were just being silly. Andie insisted on pictures.
We got a fun package from Aunt Cammie a week or two ago and simply put - the girls have gone CRAZY and want their hair in a "flower clip" every single day! Thanks Aunt Cammie! You can't see her skirt - but the other parts of the bow are very cute with it.
Andie could NOT WAIT to wear "the big PINK flower!" She was so excitedand yes - it is very big! She loves it!
Punky worries, I ended up tying the ponies back into a third band. I couldn't resist the picture though - she will love me when she's older.

Are they Twins? I guess I can't avoid the question when they look like this...Andie's new "I'm not gonna crack a smile" pose. It's funny.

The last flowers of this post - are actually not for your hair. We had a Relief Society activity last Thursday and I made individual fruit pizza's. A HUGE thanks to Heather for helping slice fruit, frost cookies and decorate. She did most the work!


KofoedFamily said...

We love the flowers and especially the cute girls wearing them!

Pratt Family said...

Darling models indeed!!! I'm so glad to hear the girls are excited to wear all the flowers. Putting double piggies on Ali....sure makes her look so grown-up. Andie looks just like her cousins in St. George with her pink flower...Ashlyn would be proud.

Also...those eatable fruit flower pizzas do look yummy!!! Is that just a sugar cookie recipe for the crust? So creative!!!