Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Everyone!!
Now for the Bloopers....

Taking pictures is so exhausting!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

P is for....

Planting, Pudding, Projecting, Pajamas, Princesses, Pampering and Playing Pica-boo!!Since our RS activity is over - I have all these fun colorful pots! I have never planted anything before, because we have never had our own "land" - but now I have pots, with dirt in them and seeds.
I planted Flowers in the pink checkered pots, cilantro and basil in the solid colored pots and tomatoes starters in the plastic cups. Stay tuned to see how they grow!
Andie "scraped" her finger and it was bleeding a little bit. So I got a paper towel and some tape and fixed her on up!
On Sunday we had our friends over for dinner and Heather made *DELICIOUS* homemade chocolate pudding. (ps - I need to get the recipe)
I think you can tell - Ali LOVED it....
...and so did Andie. I probably had pudding all over my face too, but I guess it's not so cute when your 28.
Projecting!! We have had this dresser since we've been married, as a hand-me-down from my parent (which we are thankful for) I have always wanted to re-finish it, paint it or do something to improve it's complexion.
On Monday, my friend LeAnn was over and I was telling her about it....so naturally, what did she do. "Let's do it!" We took all the clothes out and sanded the 5 drawers. I just need to do the frame and we're good to go!
Isn't it amazing the difference....just a peek. More pictures to come, when it's completed. And yes, for the curious, the clothes are still in piles on the bedroom floor. I need to box them up, because they are mostly all too small.
As a result of clothes readily available, we spent all day Tuesday in our Pajamas. As Andie says, "But MOM! I don't need to get dressed...I like my pajamas!"
Ali...always a pose - or - anything but a pose.
On Thursday we had Princess Preschool at our house....and once again, thanks to LeAnn - the girls were ALL princesses for the day. They love playing dress-up!Ali again, not wanting to pose for the picture.
LOOK!!!! I went to water my plants today and my tomatoes have sprouted!! YES!! Isn't it exciting?
Finally, Andie let me do her hair today. Everyday I ask her, "Andie, how do you want your hair done?" and it's always one of the following options, "Mom - I need a clip....Mom - I need TWO ponytails....or....Mom - I need two braids" Today, she said, "MOM, I need THREE ponytails (as see was trying to hold up three fingers to help clarify) She was patient enough to get more than 3 and I even got to curl the back!! It looks so cute!
Ali didn't want anything done, but I managed to get three twists in. Of course, as I went to get a picture, this is the result....
...followed by laughs and giggles because she thinks she is so funny!We've had a fun week and are fortunate enough to finish it off by going to the temple tomorrow.

Also - congratulations to Garry and Tamara....their baby girl was born today. She is 4 weeks early, but everything is looking good. Hope Mom and Baby have a speedy recovery!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I don't know why my picture won't rotate. It is rotated in the file. Oh well. You already saw my post about our RS activity. Just wanted to make a quick note - you know you work too much with your calling when you hear your 3 year old telling your 2 year old, "No Babes! It's for Relief Society!" Yes, this has been said MUCH around our house lately, especially when I was making these flowers. "Andie don't touch, it's for relief society!" "No, you can't have one yet, it's for relief society." Poor girl....made me realize I don't do enough for her and too much for relief society. Oh well, she'll understand someday.Meanwhile, we still try to have fun when mom is not working on "relief society!" After we got home from AZ, I asked Ali if she wanted to sleep in the trundle. She was all excited...until she realized she had to sleep there by herself. I tried to get Andie to sleep with her, but Ali only wanted me, and I wasn't willing.
Oh well - it was fun for the 15 minutes it lasted. We'll try again soon enough.

The girls have been into BABIES a lot lately, which get's me excited. Maybe when little baby actually comes, they will be excited and not jealous. They love to open the dish towel drawer and use them as the babies blankets.
Andie's baby is Lightening McQueen - but we couldn't see him because, "Shhh! He's sleeping."

Friday, March 19, 2010

Bloom Where You're Planted

We had a wonderful Relief Society Activity last night. We had such a great turn out - lot's of participation and help! Thank you EVERYONE who contributed to a wonderful night.

Our theme was "Bloom Where You're Planted" We read stories that high-lighted each point of the RS declaration and hopefully strengthened sisters individual worth. Here are a few pictures from the night.There were 9 points and after a sister shared her story, she planted her flower. Aren't they adorable? That is the creative genius of Emily, my RS activity coordinator.

Here's our table decorations. I painted 42 little pots different colors and made the little paper flowers. The pots were filled with jelly beans and m&m's.

Joy and Courtney made this SUPER delicious cake. Yes - the pot is a cake. Isn't it awesome?!
These pots are not cake, but what we served dinner in. We had 4 delicious salads and different breads (foccacia, baguette and sour dough). As serving spoons we used gardening tools. It was so fun. I had remembered my mom did a Stake RS dinner in pots like this many years ago - who knows, maybe she had the same theme....I just remember the pots.
The night turned out great! It's so fun when things work out so well!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tucson - Part Two

We spent the 2nd half of our trip at Shawn's parents. Ali picked up some new tricks and loved that the cereal cabinet was her height....I kinda loved it too. Whenever she was hungry, she could help herself - and did. :) The other trick her and Andie enjoyed was they were tall enough to get water from the fridge. Ali would fill her cup up, then dump it in the trash. Silly girl. I am happy to report, that only happened in Tucson, she hasn't dumped her cups out at home.

We were so grateful that Tamara and Garry drove down from flagstaff to see us.
Family pictures. Tamara is due April 23rd with a girl and I am June 7th.
It is always great to visit with Grandma and Grandpa Broderick!!
It was so fun to meet the twins - Everett and Elden....they are too cute!

We were trying to get Everett to give Ali a kiss. He wasn't making the move - so Ali went in.
Ahh - He landed one....so sweet!

Such funny girls!
Ali loved playing with the necklaces - guess we know what to get for her birthday.
Andie loved jumping on all the stones - and of course ALWAYS had "Lightening McQueen" in hand.

Ali enjoyed dancing and singing on the porch.
We had a great time. The girls were able to get out without kids and go to lunch on Monday - hmmm....I could go to Olive Garden again!! On Tuesday we visited Shawn's grandparents again, it was his grandpa's birthday. We went to the mall for lunch and then played at the park.
We made yummy orange, cinnamon and regular rolls and had fun at grandma and grandpa's house. Wednesday we got on a plane to come back to Georgia....that week went by WAY TO FAST!!For the most part the girls did GREAT on the airplane!

Thanks everyone for a fun trip!!