Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tucson - Part One

Recently we were able to go to Tucson for spring break - well part of it. Shawn had a conference for school the weekend before Spring Break. The conference paid for him and since Ali can still fly free - we decided to make it a family affair!! We had such a great time!! The weather was so nice and it was fun to get out of Athens for a week - a very quick week!

We were able to stay with Shawn during his conference. We stayed at the Westward Look Resort - they beds were so comfy!! It was close to my family and we had a LOT of fun doing so. They girls were so excited to go to "Aunt Suzanne's" and play with Brynlee!
They had a good time together - and yes, there is almost a year difference between Ali and Brynlee, but I think Ali would take her down quick.On Friday, before enjoying the lunch buffet at "the Hut" (and we did enjoy!) the girls and I walked around the resort - it was pretty!Some nice lady saw me taking pictures of the girls and offered to take one of all three of us! Thanks. (26 weeks pregnant in the picture)
How do you get your kids to smile? I tell them to say cheese - and what do they do, "SAY CHEESE!"

Next I just said, "Smile" and Andie would pose while saying, "SMILE!"
The grass was so green and the girls enjoy running around on it.
They even enjoyed playing ring-around-the-rosie

Ali LOVED the water fountain!

Funny girls - never smiled for the camera - oh well.

After lunch - we went back to aunt Suzanne's so the girls could play again. The girls and I both loved that they could run around in the backyard and not have to worry about them running off!! They played with bubbles (well, Ali ate the bubbles or dumped the bottle)We got time to hold baby Blane - he is such a cutie!
And of course - can't go anywhere without enjoying a snack - vanilla wafers and fruit snacks!!
The next day we went to the park with Brynlee and had a picnic. The girls had a fun time and Andie was SO nice to dump a shovel full of sand on top of Ali's head.
Later, we went back to Suzanne's and I was lucky enough to project with her and made a silk scarf!! She was experimenting for a YW's craft. The scarf used to be white - you draw on the design and then paint it. Then you use rock salt and rubbing alcohol to give it different effects. It was way cool and fun to make!

Thanks McGee's for all the fun - it was great to see you!!


MTMcGee said...

We had fun with you too!! Thanks for posting pictures!

Grandma Tii said...

Love all the pictures. Everyone is growing up way too fast.