Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I don't know why my picture won't rotate. It is rotated in the file. Oh well. You already saw my post about our RS activity. Just wanted to make a quick note - you know you work too much with your calling when you hear your 3 year old telling your 2 year old, "No Babes! It's for Relief Society!" Yes, this has been said MUCH around our house lately, especially when I was making these flowers. "Andie don't touch, it's for relief society!" "No, you can't have one yet, it's for relief society." Poor girl....made me realize I don't do enough for her and too much for relief society. Oh well, she'll understand someday.Meanwhile, we still try to have fun when mom is not working on "relief society!" After we got home from AZ, I asked Ali if she wanted to sleep in the trundle. She was all excited...until she realized she had to sleep there by herself. I tried to get Andie to sleep with her, but Ali only wanted me, and I wasn't willing.
Oh well - it was fun for the 15 minutes it lasted. We'll try again soon enough.

The girls have been into BABIES a lot lately, which get's me excited. Maybe when little baby actually comes, they will be excited and not jealous. They love to open the dish towel drawer and use them as the babies blankets.
Andie's baby is Lightening McQueen - but we couldn't see him because, "Shhh! He's sleeping."


Katie Jo said...

hahaha too funny.... Brenika uses my kitchen towels for blankets too and is obsessed with babies. But... she's still really mean to them.... not soft. And I'm constantly saying... BRENIKA NO that isn't yours. HAHAHA

Natalie said...

Wow, in that last picture, Andie looks so much older! Hannah often plays that she is one of "my girls" which means one of my YW! Callings take a lot of time!

KofoedFamily said...

You do spend lots of time on Relief Society and you do such a great job! I appreciate all your hard work and the amazing activities and lessons you put together!