Friday, March 19, 2010

Bloom Where You're Planted

We had a wonderful Relief Society Activity last night. We had such a great turn out - lot's of participation and help! Thank you EVERYONE who contributed to a wonderful night.

Our theme was "Bloom Where You're Planted" We read stories that high-lighted each point of the RS declaration and hopefully strengthened sisters individual worth. Here are a few pictures from the night.There were 9 points and after a sister shared her story, she planted her flower. Aren't they adorable? That is the creative genius of Emily, my RS activity coordinator.

Here's our table decorations. I painted 42 little pots different colors and made the little paper flowers. The pots were filled with jelly beans and m&m's.

Joy and Courtney made this SUPER delicious cake. Yes - the pot is a cake. Isn't it awesome?!
These pots are not cake, but what we served dinner in. We had 4 delicious salads and different breads (foccacia, baguette and sour dough). As serving spoons we used gardening tools. It was so fun. I had remembered my mom did a Stake RS dinner in pots like this many years ago - who knows, maybe she had the same theme....I just remember the pots.
The night turned out great! It's so fun when things work out so well!


Pratt Fam said...

love the ideas! Thanks for sharing!

Sharron said...

What a great idea and everything does look darling. So . . who gets all the cuter pots now?

Katie Jo said...

So cute!!!! I just did Monica's baby shower Beach themed and served the salads in Sand Buckets! haha

Anonymous said...

You guys did such an awesome job with that. I definitely miss all the creativity of Athens I. And you painted 42 pots while pregnant and already having 2 little girls? My goodness lady!

Sarah said...

That is a super cute idea.

Jamie said...

What a way cute idea. LOVED it!