Saturday, June 23, 2012

Gymnastics Camp 2012

The past two weeks, the older girls have been in gymnastics camp. Like last year - they had a blast! Adalyn was especially happy to spend one-on-one time with mom!!
Here are some pictures from the parent show.  Can you find the girls.  (Andie is in a brown shirt, Ali is in purple and grey).  Here they are, doing a layout.
Andie doing a cartwheel for a stamp!
Ali's turn for a cartwheel.
Ali doing a forward roll.
Andie swinging on the bars, into the donut.
Ali, balancing pizza on her tummy, while doing a crab walk.
Andie going to a forward roll.
Ali on the beam.  She was very nervous.
Ali swinging on the rings.
Andie on the balance beam.
Andie just finishing a cartwheel.

Ali doing a handstand.  She was the best at this.
Ali doing the bear walk.
They both went through all of the routine.  Most of the pictures were blurry, since we were up on the 2nd floor.  It was fun to watch though!!  At the end they sang this cute song.  They'll have to do a performance for the family once we're in town!

PS - If you ever need a super hero....we have some just for you!!  Happy Summer!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Visit from Martha

A few weeks ago, my good friend Martha made a marathon road trip down to visit us. She currently lives in Boston - so we were super excited and honored we were her southern destination!  She was only here for a day, so the girls and I took her up to Helen, GA for a fun day trip.  Click Here to see and compare our last visit to Helen, just a few weeks after Adalyn was born.  The girls look so young!

Anyway - we had a great time and the girls were super exited to be with Martha.  We started the day out on a little walk up to Anna Ruby Falls.
I would apologize for all the pictures - but they are for my girls.  Ali was the first to request a picture.  So cute!  And no, it was not at all cold....I guess that's how she was posing.  In fact, poor Martha thought it was so humid - but I thought it was a perfect day!
A rock bench?  Silly.  The girls sat on all of them and just couldn't get over the fact that someone made a couch out of rocks.
Martha and Adalyn
Everyone turn and smile!  Ali, thanks for listening.  Adalyn, "What?"  Andie, "Where do I look?"
Good thing we brought the stroller.
Ali at the top of the falls!  Way to go Ali - you make the walk all the way up.  (on the way down, she sat mostly in the stroller.  She takes after her Dad when it comes to physical exertion and would rather not!)
What?  We like pink in this house....and goldfish.
Andie with both of the falls.
When we got back down from our little hike, we went to have a picnic.  While I was making sandwiches the girls found these "stairs that look like railroad tracks" and wanted to go see what was at the top.
Enjoying our picnic.
After the falls, we went into town.  Helen used to be a mining town (or something) and they turned it into a little German tourist town.  It's fun to see all the buildings.
We stopped for homemade ice cream.
Then we headed out to Babyland General to visit the Cabbage Patch Kids. 
Adalyn was in HEAVEN!!!  She ran from room to room, doll to doll.  She picked them up and danced, cuddled them, rocked them, played with them.  It was so fun to watch her.
The girls didn't remember coming here before, so everything was new and exciting.
How I wish I could of caught more on video.  Adalyn LOVED so many of the dolls.  She would take them out of their cabbages (shown above) and squeeze them, hug them, give them kisses.  It was so cute!  That's why she got one for her birthday!! 
We got to watch Mama Cabbage give birth to a little boy.  After they weighed him and checked his heart, the girls got to hold him. 

Adalyn of course, tried to take his blanket off. 
Saying goodbye to the cabbage patch babies outside.
We had a great trip and a fun time with Martha.  Andie was so sad when I told her that evening that Martha was going home the next day.  So - we're open to visitors ANYTIME!!  We never get them, but love them all the same!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Adalyn

Yesterday, Adalyn turned 2 years old. She is at a fun yet sometimes challenging age. Here are a few pictures from the day!
She got lots of Bubbles!

A new stroller for her babies and a new baby.  We went to the cabbage patch hospital a few weeks ago and she was in love.  (pictures from that day trip to come soon!)
She also got a set of Mickey Mouse books that she LOVES. 
We made cupcake cones for her cake.
She chose Macaroni and Cheese for lunch
She loves to sweep and after lunch, decided it needed to be done.  It was fun to watch her throughout the day.  I really didn't care what she did, since it was her birthday and she had a very imaginative mind.
Blowing bubbles when dad came home.  It was actually raining all morning long - so it had cleared up just in time.

Well, maybe eating bubbles is more fun.
We had pizza and watermelon for dinner.  Again, her choice.  I think she would eat pizza every meal, every day of the week, if you gave her the choice.  She takes after her dad!
Here are our "ice cream" cones.

It was a fun way to make the cake.

She loves her mickey mouse balloon too!
Adalyn is such a funny little girl.  She talks and talks, and most of the time you can understand her.  She loves to say, "Ew, goss, yuck!" whenever she sees something gross.  She knows her letters (which was self taught by the leap frog toy.)  She loves her sisters, and especially loves to pester Ali.  She knows when she is bothering them and will just follow them around the house.  I constantly hear, "Mom, Adalyn is following me."  She doesn't do more than that, you can see the satisfaction on her face that she is bugging them.

She loves babies!  She is always giving them hugs and kisses and telling me if they are "happy" or "sad".  Most of the time, the babies are sad after she bonks them on the head.  Then she'll look at me innocently and say, "sad."  It's so funny.

Adalyn loves being chased by her dad and will run and try to tickle him and then run as fast as she can away from him.  She loves to sing.  A few of her favorite songs are "Popcorn Popping", "Book of Mormon Stories", "Shake, Shake" and monkey's swinging in the trees.  She is very independent, but when she wants something she can't get, she will find you and drag you along until she gets whatever she wants.

She loves to eat and is in the stage of every 10 minutes, is ready for something.  She calls bread "lunch" and loves crackers.  She will eat strawberries and bananas by the gallon full, along with string cheese and yogurt.  She loves when we sit and read books and loves to watch movies/tv.  She is definitely fun to have around and makes us laugh every single day!

Happy Birthday Adalyn - we love you!