Friday, July 16, 2010

Helen, GA

This past week, we had a visit from Grandma and Grandpa Broderick. The girls had so much fun and it was good to see family.

Thursday we headed up to Helen, a little German town setting tourist attraction. Shawn had to work at school, but the girls and I had a good day trip with grandma and grandpa. It's only an hour and a half away, not bad at all.

Our first stop was in Cleveland (just 10 miles from Helen). We came to the "Cabbage Patch Hospital" where I believe, or have been told, cabbage patch dolls originated. It was a fun little shop and we eve got to see the birth of a new cabbage patch doll.The doctor getting ready for delivery!
It's a BOY!
Getting to hold the new baby. Ali loved him, Andie was shy.
The doctor then weighed him, measured him, counted his toes and fingers and showed us his heart. Very exciting! ;)
The girls had a fun time walking around and seeing all the fun decorations!

Afterward, we head up for a picnic at Anna Ruby Falls. It was a very pretty drive and fun to be in a "Canyon" type feeling/setting.

Our hike up to Anna Ruby Falls. It was just under a 1/2 mile, but mostly uphill. I had to take a few breaks pushing Adalyn. Chuck was the trooper pushing Andie and Ali up. We had a great time!Very pretty water falls - definitely worth the walk!
I love all three of my girls. They were great and enjoyed being out doors.

Baby Adalyn loved taking it all in - she was alert and observant the whole time.
After the falls, we headed into Helen. Chuck and Cindy walked around with Andie and Ali, while I nursed Adalyn. It worked out great. It would be fun to go up again, and "Float the Hooch!" A lazy river, where you pay $3 to bus up, get dropped off and float down for 3-4 hours. Maybe next summer, when the kids are older.


Pratt Family said...

Fun, fun. What a cool experience going to the cabbage store, lots of dolls everywhere. As for your nature walk/hike, how pretty. Everything is so thick & green, was it a very humid? How nice & lucky to have such a great baby, Adalyn is such a trooper!

Ranay said...

I've been catching up on all your posts - what fun! First congrats on the gorgeous new baby. She is beautiful! And I think she looks like Jared a little! I had no idea there was a cabbage patch museum - what fun! My most favorite toy when I was little. Thanks for sharing all your fun times!