Friday, April 23, 2010


Scene Set-up: I'm at the computer, Andie is playing with the toy kitchen (5 ft. away). I stop and watch her.

Andie: (Notices Mom observing) Hi!
Mom: What are you doing?
Andie: I'm cooking dinner.
Mom: What are you cooking?
Andie: I'm cooking vegetables.
Mom: WOW! What kind?
Andie: Fries, Chicken, Tomatoes and Bananas.

Mom: (laughs) yum!

Guess it's time to rethink our vegetables!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ali turns 2!

Ali turned 2 years old last week....I can't believe it!! Here are the highlights of the day. Shawn had to leave for school at 7:30 - so we had her presents ready, in case she woke up before he was gone. She did....don't you love her "Happy" face?ok - she just needed help with the tape. However, I think Andie was more excited to see what everything was!

I LOVE the picture below because you get a glimpse of her "scowl" that she gives whenever she doesn't want to do something you ask. Shawn had just said, "Ali, pull out the tissues!" And her response, "Don't tell me how to open my presents dad!"

She loved all of her presents....but was mad at the bracelet's because she couldn't get them off her hand! "STUCK!!"
Shawn left for school and we made pancakes. She got the number 2!

"Birthday Girl....let's take your picture!"

That night, we took the girls to Chuck E Cheese!! Ali got a special "happy birthday" sticker and she was SO excited. We had never been before and we all had a BLAST!There was a ride the "sketched" their picture....that was fun!They were both watching the monitor that shows your picture, not the camera....but I thought they turned out cute.
Time for PIZZA! or in Ali's words, "Pizza, Pizza....HOORAY!"

Pizza Faces.

Ali was busy scoping out all the games while she was eating....plotting her every move.
The girls LOVED playing all the games and "riding the rides."

We ended the day getting ice cream. We went to a place called "marble slab" a knock off cold stone. It was fun to share...Ali would say "switch" about every 30 seconds.

Ali, we love you so much!! She is our "BIG" girl and is so fun! She's a great sister and is going to be a great "big" sister in a few more weeks!!

Happy Birthday!!

PS - if you want to know her stats....she weighs 35.4 lbs. and is 38 inches tall. The nurse told me an average 2 year old is 27 lbs. and 34 inches tall. YES....once again, she is off the charts!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Our plants are growing...

To end this blogging day on a positive note - our plants are growing!! Every day we go out and water them and Andie says, "Have a drink plants!" Then as we go inside, she says, "Goodbye growing plants!" I think through her faith - we might be successful. Hooray!!

It could have been worse...

So - lot's have heard my story....but thought I would blog about it. Yesterday, I decided to take the girls and get some new clothes for them. We drove out to the outlet malls and had lunch and then stopped by the mall on the way home.

At the end of our almost 4 hour excursion - we had a stroller accident. We were headed up the escalator's to go to the car. I thought the wheels were clear and they were not. The stroller flipped (so the girls face planted) and I was trying to pick them up yelling for help. (being 8 months pregnant and trying to lift 75 lbs. is hard!! Fortunately Ali was completely fine, perhaps a little traumatized - but Andie took the beating. I felt so bad and still do - what a stupid mistake. To clarify, they were not on the escalator, they were face planted at the top.

Poor Andie is a little trooper. Her gums and upper lip are pretty swollen and she has a nice bump on her head. I haven't let her eat any solid foods - and hopefully no permanent damage has been done.

So - here are some pictures, in two of their new shirts. Avoid the last one, if you don't want to see her gums up close.

Ali wanted her picture taken of her teeth. Funny girl.

Easter Fun

"Stand by each other and say cheese!" We had an eventful Easter weekend - full of lot's of fun. It started on Saturday morning at the Ward Easter Egg Hunt. They girls had so much fun.

Discovering what's inside.
It was so nice, that we took them to the park afterward.

This is one of the 30 or 40 "bulldogs" around Athens. Someday I hope to get a picture of most of them, but I finally had my camera with me for one. Go Dawgs!!

On Sunday, they were so excited that the "Easter Bunny" had come (see video below). Andie would open the eggs, candy would spill all over and Ali was right behind her picking it up and shoving it in her mouth. I love Ali with her little sun glasses (and mouth full of candy).....they have been on her head non-stop.

This is the first year we have ever colored eggs. Ali was taking a nap (yes, that was planned.) Andie had so much fun. We had a few of our friends over for dinner and so I would write their name on the egg and Andie would tell me which color to make it. Then she decorated all of them with stickers. Hers of course - had to be PINK!!