Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Fun

"Stand by each other and say cheese!" We had an eventful Easter weekend - full of lot's of fun. It started on Saturday morning at the Ward Easter Egg Hunt. They girls had so much fun.

Discovering what's inside.
It was so nice, that we took them to the park afterward.

This is one of the 30 or 40 "bulldogs" around Athens. Someday I hope to get a picture of most of them, but I finally had my camera with me for one. Go Dawgs!!

On Sunday, they were so excited that the "Easter Bunny" had come (see video below). Andie would open the eggs, candy would spill all over and Ali was right behind her picking it up and shoving it in her mouth. I love Ali with her little sun glasses (and mouth full of candy).....they have been on her head non-stop.

This is the first year we have ever colored eggs. Ali was taking a nap (yes, that was planned.) Andie had so much fun. We had a few of our friends over for dinner and so I would write their name on the egg and Andie would tell me which color to make it. Then she decorated all of them with stickers. Hers of course - had to be PINK!!

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Pratt Family said...

Looks like everyone had a fun Easter weekend. So totally jealous of the beautiful weather. I love all the different pictures of the girls and their expressions. Such fun personalities. But my fav pic is Ali on the couch with her glasses on...she makes me laugh--such attitude!!