Friday, April 23, 2010


Scene Set-up: I'm at the computer, Andie is playing with the toy kitchen (5 ft. away). I stop and watch her.

Andie: (Notices Mom observing) Hi!
Mom: What are you doing?
Andie: I'm cooking dinner.
Mom: What are you cooking?
Andie: I'm cooking vegetables.
Mom: WOW! What kind?
Andie: Fries, Chicken, Tomatoes and Bananas.

Mom: (laughs) yum!

Guess it's time to rethink our vegetables!


Sharron said...

I don't know, sounds goo to me!

MTMcGee said...

Thanks for making me laugh! At least chicken tomatoes and bananas are good for you.

Katie Jo said...

mmmmm fries are potatoes... it's ALMOST a veggie. HAHAHA That's awesome.

Jamie said...

Yum, sounds like my kind of veggies!

Pratt Family said...

That's too funny!!! Good luck trying to get them to like vegies. Keep me posted if so.

Kelly said...

Hey Molly! I found your blog through Ashlee's. Your girls are adorable. Congrats on baby #3. I bet your a great mom!

Natalie said...

I like those veggies!