Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Reading

With swimming lessons in the morning, we always miss story time. However, the library is a great place to visit in the afternoon - when it's too hot to go outside. Here the girls are playing and having a fun time together.
The library also has a summer reading program, which the girls are participating in.  For every 10 books you read, you get a prize.  We kept forgetting to bring out reading charts when we visited the library.  Yesterday we finally remembered.  The girls have read 38 books so far.  They got a sticker, a certificate and got to write their names on a castle and put it on the "30 Books" wall. 
Here they are coloring a picture.  Our library has a great children's section.  We love going to story time - they read books, sing songs, usually watch a little 5-10 minute book on video and then have a craft.  It's great entertainment.
On to other things.  Adalyn is walking everywhere!!  I think I've mentioned that before.  She's been so funny at swim lessons lately, I had to take some pictures.  She walks around exploring all sorts of things!
Up and down, up and down!  Her favorite is to walk behind the bleachers.  It's my favorite too - because it's shaded.
Stop and look at the park behind us.
"Back to the end I go!"
I finally printed out our spring pictures and got two more frames (Adalyn finally has her own frame after 1 year.) :) I liked the arrangement I came up with on the wall....what do you think? (*THANKS* to my great neighbor, Heather, who came over to help me hang these!)
That's been our fun as of late.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Adalyn's First Birthday!

Adalyn had a great birthday. Thanks to grandparents, for your love and support. She was spoiled - and it's so fun to watch her get excited.

Here we are, all set up the night before! We're getting good use of our birthday banner. It's so fun having pink all the time!!

Adalyn got this little scooter, and we gave it to her on Saturday. She loves riding around on it. I like the wheels, they all turn in any direction, so it's easy to get around!

Sunday Morning, the girls were up bright and early, as usual.  This time however, they were excited to celebrate Adalyn's Birthday
Andie took this picture of Shawn and Adalyn before church.  Very cute!
Still loving her scooter!
I love her pretty blue eyes.  I can't believe my baby is 1 year old already!!
haha - don't you love the progression of her ponytails.  This is after church, don't worry, it get's better!!
Two musical story books!!  She loves these books and was getting so upset at Andie and Ali whenever they would try to sneak a peek and play with it.  It was fun to see the youngest take charge! 

Ready for lunch in her birthday chair!
Time for another present.  She would open a present, play with it for a few hours and then discover another present.  It was fun to watch. 
Birthday Cupcakes.  We had strawberry cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.  Would we think of having anything else but a pink cake?  Of course not!!
Enjoying lasagna for dinner!  Love the orange face!
Time for another present.  This little piggy is so cute.  You put the coins in, then pull the tail and they come out of the snout!  She loves it, and again, was very possessive.  She doesn't quiet understand the tail part yet - she once all of the coins are in, she gets a little grumpy trying to get them out.  It's funny to watch.
Andie was trying to be a good helper and teach her how to pull down the tail.
Yeah, it worked!!
"Happy Birthday to you....Happy Birthday to YOU...."
She was very excited for her cupcake!
and so were the sisters!!  We were skyping with Shawn's parents, and Ali kept saying, "Mom - I want a cupcake, I WANT a CUPCAKE!!"  They had to wait the whole day, just looking at them, until it was time to eat them.  They sure enjoyed them!
Ponytails were done by the end of the day. 
She enjoyed her treat!! 

Happy, Happy birthday miss Adalyn. We sure do love you. She will go to her year appointment on Thursday. I'm guessing she's about 20 lbs. and 32 inches tall. She has 10 teeth (yes, the bottom molars FINALLY came in!) and is walking all over. She is a joy to have and a wonderful little sister!

Here are some video's from her fun day.  We finally got down her little dance with her hip swing.  Then, the musical drum (is going to be SO fun).  Musical parades every day, I'm sure!  Finally, Adalyn enjoying her cupcake!

Swimming Lessons

The girls started swimming lessons on May 25th. They go every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday for a 40 minute lesson. They are doing so great!
Ali was/is a little scared of her teachers letting go. Last year, this little girls was all fish, this year she has to build up the confidence again!!
Ali is learning to kick and blow bubbles.
Many times she just lets her teachers drag her around. 
Andie is doing SO great!!! 
She also blows bubbles, jumps, kicks, and swims with her arms
Swimming to the edge!

They both also go underwater, Ali's just about to be dunked.
They are both doing so well.  Andie even jumped off the diving board last Wednesday.  She insisted on having goggles, then she would do it, and she did!!  (with a little persuasion from her mother!)

Good Job Andie - Great Job Ali - we're so proud of both of you!!

(PS - Here is a video of Andie jumping off the diving board.  Yes, I told her she could pick out a birthday present for Adalyn if she did it!  I was so bummed with myself, as soon as she went in the water, I accidentally stopped the video.  Oh well - I guess I was just too excited to take a picture!)  :)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Our First Dental Visit

 Even though we love uncle Steve, we decided we better not wait till we see him next to see the dentist.  Andie and Ali had their very first dental visits a few weeks ago, and they did great!!!  So, Steve, these are for you!!

Ali sitting in the chair, waiting for the hygenist to come.
 Andie was right next door, in another chair, waiting too!!
 Ali getting ready for her teeth to be "pink!"  Here she is having them cleaned.
 Andie loved the little suction tube!  (Ali laughs, "Andie's sleeping!)
 Adalyn got to hang out with Andie, but did not enjoy much being stuck in her stroller!
 Ali having her teeth flossed.
 The picture doesn't portray it well enough, but I loved how little Andie was in the chair.  So cute!!
 "ok mom - I guess I'll try to be happy!"
 Cute little Ali, almost all done!!
 "Ali, show us your new, clean teeth!!"  (love the smile!)
 Andie was in charge of holding her own suction.  After a few minutes, I finally took it and put it away!!
 Side by side - Andie on the left, Ali on the right!
 The Dentist was checking Andie for cavities!! 
 Ali's turn for the dentist to check.
We're happy to report that both girls are cavity free.  They both got a new pink toothbrush and a prize. 
Good Job Girls!!