Friday, June 3, 2011

Our First Dental Visit

 Even though we love uncle Steve, we decided we better not wait till we see him next to see the dentist.  Andie and Ali had their very first dental visits a few weeks ago, and they did great!!!  So, Steve, these are for you!!

Ali sitting in the chair, waiting for the hygenist to come.
 Andie was right next door, in another chair, waiting too!!
 Ali getting ready for her teeth to be "pink!"  Here she is having them cleaned.
 Andie loved the little suction tube!  (Ali laughs, "Andie's sleeping!)
 Adalyn got to hang out with Andie, but did not enjoy much being stuck in her stroller!
 Ali having her teeth flossed.
 The picture doesn't portray it well enough, but I loved how little Andie was in the chair.  So cute!!
 "ok mom - I guess I'll try to be happy!"
 Cute little Ali, almost all done!!
 "Ali, show us your new, clean teeth!!"  (love the smile!)
 Andie was in charge of holding her own suction.  After a few minutes, I finally took it and put it away!!
 Side by side - Andie on the left, Ali on the right!
 The Dentist was checking Andie for cavities!! 
 Ali's turn for the dentist to check.
We're happy to report that both girls are cavity free.  They both got a new pink toothbrush and a prize. 
Good Job Girls!!


Southern Belle said...

so cute! We just barely added Cheyenne to our insurance, so I have been curious about how she would do... how did you get them to not be scared of it?

Jenna said...

It seems like everything went well. I can see that their dentist is very good at handling them. And the best news for you that day must've been that they're both cavity free, right? It just shows that you're taking care of their teeth properly.

-Jenna Schrock