Monday, June 6, 2011

Swimming Lessons

The girls started swimming lessons on May 25th. They go every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday for a 40 minute lesson. They are doing so great!
Ali was/is a little scared of her teachers letting go. Last year, this little girls was all fish, this year she has to build up the confidence again!!
Ali is learning to kick and blow bubbles.
Many times she just lets her teachers drag her around. 
Andie is doing SO great!!! 
She also blows bubbles, jumps, kicks, and swims with her arms
Swimming to the edge!

They both also go underwater, Ali's just about to be dunked.
They are both doing so well.  Andie even jumped off the diving board last Wednesday.  She insisted on having goggles, then she would do it, and she did!!  (with a little persuasion from her mother!)

Good Job Andie - Great Job Ali - we're so proud of both of you!!

(PS - Here is a video of Andie jumping off the diving board.  Yes, I told her she could pick out a birthday present for Adalyn if she did it!  I was so bummed with myself, as soon as she went in the water, I accidentally stopped the video.  Oh well - I guess I was just too excited to take a picture!)  :)

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