Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Reading

With swimming lessons in the morning, we always miss story time. However, the library is a great place to visit in the afternoon - when it's too hot to go outside. Here the girls are playing and having a fun time together.
The library also has a summer reading program, which the girls are participating in.  For every 10 books you read, you get a prize.  We kept forgetting to bring out reading charts when we visited the library.  Yesterday we finally remembered.  The girls have read 38 books so far.  They got a sticker, a certificate and got to write their names on a castle and put it on the "30 Books" wall. 
Here they are coloring a picture.  Our library has a great children's section.  We love going to story time - they read books, sing songs, usually watch a little 5-10 minute book on video and then have a craft.  It's great entertainment.
On to other things.  Adalyn is walking everywhere!!  I think I've mentioned that before.  She's been so funny at swim lessons lately, I had to take some pictures.  She walks around exploring all sorts of things!
Up and down, up and down!  Her favorite is to walk behind the bleachers.  It's my favorite too - because it's shaded.
Stop and look at the park behind us.
"Back to the end I go!"
I finally printed out our spring pictures and got two more frames (Adalyn finally has her own frame after 1 year.) :) I liked the arrangement I came up with on the wall....what do you think? (*THANKS* to my great neighbor, Heather, who came over to help me hang these!)
That's been our fun as of late.


lillie said...

I like the picture arrangement, it looks really good!!

Mariah said...

Hey there!! I loved reading all about the fun stuff you guys have been up to. That is a great arrangement for your pictures. Isn't it so hard to get things like that on the wall. Poor Stephen hates it when he walks in to find something on the floor and me saying, "Ok make it just like this on the wall". Your girls are growing so fast and way too dang cute! You guys sure do fun stuff!