Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sidewalk Chalk Paint

Where did these pink hands come from? (yes, they have been washed SEVERAL times)
Sidewalk Chalk Paint - of course.  I know, you're asking yourself, "I didn't know they made sidewalk chalk paint!"  That is because it is a Broderick house exclusive.....made by yours truly, miss Andie and miss Ali!!
You have to rub your hands around, lots and lots
Very good, Very good.
Mom's art work.

I love all my girls!
Paint pallet and hand prints.
Ok - we'll let you in on the secret.  Take a drink of water, you know, because it's HOT outside.  Don't swallow - rather spit it on the ground (I know, disgusting!).  Then use your favorite color and color as fast and as hard as you can.  Continue by rubbing your hands all in the "paint" and decorate the sidewalk as desired!  (or your clothes, face, hair, etc.)
Life is great, especially as a kid!  
Happy Summer!!

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Dawnell said...

Fun!! Cute new pics of the girls, too. Adalyn is growing up! I love the 3 skirts picture.