Monday, July 11, 2011

4th of July 2011

On Monday, we had such a fun day.  The girls and Shawn went swimming (we love having a pool) in the morning, while Adalyn took a nap and I got some things done around the house.  After lunch, we played games - the girls LOVE Yahtzee.  Then we went outside to play.  They rode their bikes for a while, then it started to sprinkle - so they got their boots on and started puddle jumping!

That evening, we had a BBQ picnic with our friends from the complex.  There are 8 lds families, plus 2 apartments with missionaries (4 elders and 2 sisters) that live in our same complex now - with another family moving in on Thursday!!  It's crazy to think we were the only ones here 3 years ago - glad we've convinced so many to move our way!!

We made red and blue jello jigglers!!
The girls had fun playing with Sparklers
that is, until Ali touched one, and burned her index finger and thumb!!  It had just finished and she grabbed the top to throw it down - poor girl.  She is fine, but it was a sad moment!!
Friends out talking and enjoying the evening!

Happy 4th of July!!
Waiting for the fireworks to begin (all of which were small and made no sounds!)  I love Ali's face, looking at Andie with the thought, "Should I be worried)
Brielle, Andie and Ali
Little miss Adalyn didn't want to sit for very long

I love this picture too!!  Ali had a ice pack for her fingers - but enjoyed it more on her face.  I also love that she's holding on to Adalyn so she won't get the fireworks!! 

We hope you had a fun and safe 4th of July. According to Andie - it's the 4th of July until my birthday - so party on!!

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sdbroder said...

This was such a fun party. Thanks for posting about it!