Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Gymnastics Camp

Last week, Andie and Ali went to Gymnastics Camp. They had such a good time, and I also enjoyed the 3 hour break. They went every day from 9-12. They loved taking a snack each day!
The theme for the week was "Experiments". Each day, the girls would come home with a new experiment or craft. The first day was the yellow bag. They mixed corn starch and water, then got to pick their favorite color. When you played with the mixture in the bag, it was liquid. When you let the bag sit, it would harden up.

The second day, they had plates with paint on it. They got to blow through a straw to spread the paint around and make a picture. The third day, they made googles to help them see. Ali was kind enough to display all of her experiments for us!
On the last day, they had a parent show for the last hour. We loved watching them and all the "gymnastics" they learned! Adalyn on the other hand, was not a happy camper!
Each day, the gym was set up with different courses - I took video of the girls doing each of the rotations - they were hilarious to watch. They were having a blast - which is the whole point. If you ever want to stretch out, we know some good exercises that involve making pizza, pie and pancakes!!

They sure had fun!!

In case you can't tell - Andie is in purple and Ali is in blue. It was hilarious watching them...let's just say, Ali was in her own little world most of the time. I finally thought to video it, so you don't see it in the videos, but they are still fun to watch!


I love Ali's kart wheel in this last video!!

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KofoedFamily said...

I love it! Way to go girls! We can't wait to see more from the next gymnastics camp.