Friday, August 29, 2008

Flashback Friday

I remember a few years ago, while living with my grandma, when I would complain (probably daily) about how I was never going to meet someone, I was going to be single for the rest of my life, blah, blah, blah, etc. She said on more than one occasion, "Molly, just be patient!" I would always reply, "I have been taught enough patience, I served a mission!" She would quickly respond, "Molly, enjoy life! Now is the time to have fun!"

Well, grandma, I want you to know, I am enjoying life and YES, the Lord is still teaching me patience. I guess the mission and waiting to find Shawn wasn't enough. The following pictures will explain why.

<-- Does she look like she knows she's in trouble? I had pulled out the camera to document our event and she was happy and smiling - my camera just wasn't fast enough!

I was cooking dinner and Shawn was in the computer room getting ready for his bishopric meeting. Andie had been Coloring in her coloring book, decided she was bored with pictures of Elmo and wanted to move onto something more "her age!" So, she decided to help me "highlight some scriptures"...YEP - you read it correct, I found Andie and my Book of Mormon with a brown crayon - OH NO!!!!!!!!

I was so mad, I took the crayons, put her on her chair and walked away. My own fault I guess, don't leave your scriptures where you child can reach! When I calmed down, I looked and she had colored in Jacob 5. I first thought, well, that's convenient, I can just use green and make it look like an olive tree! But then, I began flipping through pages, she had gotten to Mosiah. I continued flipping to find she had graciously colored 10 pages for me. Thanks Andie! Sure love ya!

PS - I was able to use a pencil eraser and lighten the crayon, but whenever I turn to one of her pages I will always have this day to reflect on!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Little Ali Girl

Shawn mentioned that he didn't have a picture of Ali for his office. I said, "Well, no one has a picture of Ali. She is the 2nd Child - I haven't ever gone to get some done!" Sorry Ali. So, here is my attempt the last few days of getting a good picture.

She got 4 shots today - but we managed to get some cute pictures.

She also has her second tooth!! Stop growing little Ali - you are supposed to stay little.

She weighed 15lbs. 9oz.

Goofy Little Girl. Like her sister, she is going to have crazy hair! Do you like the wave?

Sunday, August 24, 2008


I'm not sure how to label this post - "I thought my life was crazy, until today!" or "Day 22 in Athens" or "Goodbye Shawn - We love you!" or "WOW" Either way, I am sure will you all understand when you read the following:

1st and foremost - Ali got her first tooth today!! Yeah for Ali. She is only 4 1/2 months old and Shawn said, "I think she has a tooth!" I thought he said, "I think she has a toot!" So I replied, "Great - You can change her when she poops!" He looked at me confused as laughed and then emphasized, "No, I think she has a TOOOOOOTH!" I looked at him and said, "A Tooth?!?!" She's too young to have a tooth!" But, Sure enough, she has sharp little ridges on the bottom gum. Way to go Ali.

2nd - My dear husband, who I love very much - was sustained today as the 2nd counselor in the bishopric! YEP! You read it right. We have been in Athens for 3 weeks and 1 day and the Lord has a great sense of humor. "Shawn, you're not busy enough spending 70+ hours a week at school - never seeing your family - let's give you a more to deal with!" Of course, there was no hesitation at all of accepting the call - we are deeply humbled and grateful to our Heavenly Father for the many blessing he has given us to be here in Athens - He had a plan all along, we just didn't know all the details.

Shawn will do great - and I support him 110%. Our bishop will be great and I look forward to getting to know the Palmer family a little more. The other counselor is Cory Johnson, you know, my friend Mara that I always talk about. They moved in the same day we did. We have said it all along, we are in this together - we really are now!

So for all you out there - please keep us in your prayers. I know Heavenly Father knows our strengths and abilities and never gives us more than we can handle - although sometimes you wonder! It will be a great adventure and we will cherish the few moments even more when Shawn is home spending time with us! We love you Shawn!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Help Mom - My Piano Broke!!

This video is for my mom - she says she can fix it, maybe that means she will have to bring us the parts. Let me know. Thanks

I cut it off, because Andie was being "helpful" and I needed to get her! ha, ha

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fun Day

Our RS President invited a bunch of sister's over yesterday to go swimming. It was so much fun. Ali LOVED her chair and just relaxing in the water. She came home and took almost a 3 hour nap - I need to go swimming more often. Andie had a lot of fun until I decided that I would teach her to plug her nose. I blew in her face (someone told me to do that) told her to close her mouth, I plugged her nose and we went under! She came up and smiled, I helped her wipe the water from her eyes (I think she had them closed) and then we continued swimming. I had to check on Ali (she wasn't in the water yet, just hanging out in her car seat) and Andie was playing on the steps - she was content and didn't want to get back in! Hopefully I didn't traumatize her, I am pretty sure she just liked that she could sit on the first step and kick and do it "herself" Either way, we had a great time!I would have loved to of had my camera the whole time - Ali was grinning so big and totally loving the water. She was an old grandma prune by the time we got out. It was great!
Andie had so much fun! She loved to sit on the edge and dangle her toes in the water.
Here are some of our new friends.
Mara is holding Emma and Cole is the only one smiling! They are great.

Here are both girls in the new stroller! I love it! Although it doesn't have cup holders, I had not noticed earlier on the back of their seats there is a great pocket which holds the water bottles/ keys, snacks, etc. We took it on a walk last night around 7pm - not a hard walk, but it was humid so it wore us all out. This picture was at the end of the walk - the girls were ready for air conditioning and so was I. Thank Joy and Jocelyn for walking with us - we had a great time!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Double Stroller

We Did It!! I finally found a double stroller that fits in the trunk of my car!!! It is perfect! And though I have not yet used it, I already love it. I found it at for those of you who are having twins (Tamara) or an small 2nd child (Liz) very soon. I think you would both love it. It was delivered yesterday and I thought to myself, Great - when am I going to find time to put that beast together! Then to my amazement, I opened the box this morning and BOOM!!! It was already together! (Again, another great reason to purchase this!)As you can see, Andie got a test ride in the family room this morning. Do you like her pose?
I had to fight her to get her out so I could fold it up. Cool huh - nice and compact (well, for a double stroller)
Best of all - it fits in my trunk and leaves me MORE room for groceries than my regular stroller did!
Selling points for all of you considering. 1) The handle bars are high, not like an umbrella stroller - I think they are a little higher than my regular one, which is nice. 2) It folds up nice and compact. 3) Each seat is individual - and they recline. So for Ali, who can't quiet sit up yet, I can recline her and she is comfortable and Andie can sit up and be comfortable. 4) They have individual shades that actually cover them (Again, not too common on side-by-side strollers). 5) The cushions are SOFT and nice - I would enjoy a ride! 6) It was only $199 - which may seem like a lot - but if you look, it is the cheapest you will find! 7) No set up required!! Can't go wrong there. 8) Super easy to fold down! 9) The front bars are soft and can be removed. 10) Says it fits through standard doors (haven't tried it out yet - our doors are not standard!)

The draw backs are that there is no cup holder, and the baskets aren't that great - but who cares - It fits in my trunk! Good enough for me! What more can I ask for? It is what I have been looking for!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Just Do It

Dollhouse Book Case for the Girl's RoomI got his great buy on Craig's List and it is perfect. Andie's Daybed is white and this is just what we needed to store books, toys, diapers, etc. Andie loves to play with it and it will be fun when they are older and we can make it into a dollhouse! I put her pink board that says "I am a Child of God" right above it! I love it!
I have decided that I can no longer say, "I will do it tomorrow!" Why? You might ask...Let me tell you. TOMORROW NEVER COMES! True story. I have taken the pictures below to document that I finally cleaned my room, every box is out, the floors got vacuumed, and the clothes are put away. This is the last room to be done since we moved in. HIP-HIP-HOORAY!
Andie loves our mirror closet doors. She opens and closes them, walking in and out all day long if I would let her. It is fun.
So, with the 2 girls I was getting nothing done. My sister said that there has never been every room in her house completely clean at the same time since she had kids, so I was glad to know that. It was stressful as now I can fully understand you could spend EVERY day cleaning and never be done! I love my little girls though - they are worth all of the messes (most days!)

Shawn officially started school yesterday. He left the house at 7:30am and returned home at 9:15pm - Yep, that made for a long day. Today and tomorrow will be the same - YUCK. All I can say is, I am glad we will not be in school forever and look forward to the days when we have an 8-5 job, dinner together, time together. I figure by then, church callings will probably consume his time, so I guess we just have to get used to the single parent life! At least I don't have to work - All out there who really are single parents - my heart goes out to you.

We are doing great and having a grand old time! Hope you are all well!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Culture Shock...or something like that

Do you like to Skype? We do!! We took a picture of my brother Eric while Skyping - turned out pretty good! Andie and David had a blast being each others copy cats. When David first saw us he started say, "Ani, Ani!" Andie responded by blowing between her lips (not whistling) David was soon to follow and then she would laugh. WE SURE MISS YOU DAVID!!! They started blowing kisses to each other and probably did it 10 times back and forth, it was sure cute!! If you have a web cam, let us know - we would love to talk!

Here is Andie playing with a new friend, Ethan. We watched him yesterday from 8-2 while his mom had to work. They had a lot of fun togehter, of couse once Andie had Ethan copying her!! I have decided that is her favorite game and will do whatever, however many times it takes until someone does the same thing and then she just her mom - enjoys entertaining!!

I think I accidentally scared Ali when I turned to her with the camera (picture below) She is growing up too fast. You will enjoy the video of her just trying to jump out of her bouncy chair.

We have had a great couple of days. We had the missionaries over for dinner, which they enjoyed immensly!! (I am biased, but thought it was pretty good too!) We made homemade peach icecream for dessert and invited 2 families over to help us enjoy it after the missionaries. We had the Johnson's (Cory, Mara, Cole and Emma) - THEY ARE THE BEST!!! We moved to Athen's on the same day and Cory is starting his PH.D in Accounting (taxes). They moved from North Carolina and live just 2-3 minutes from us. Cole is 4 and Emma is 2 months younger than Andie. They have a lot of fun together and today Mara and the kids came over and we went swimming! That was GREAT. I owe Mara big time, because we had a dinner at the University at 5:30 and so she watched my kids and helped me get them ready, since we were swimming till 4:30! Thanks Mara!

We also had the Georgeson's over. They just moved from Utah last week, they were living in Wymount. They have a 3 month old boy, Micah! Him and Ali will be great friends when they get older.

As you saw, we watched Ethan on Thursday and then today the girls and I ventured out! We went to check out a double stroller from another member and they live about 10 minutes from us. I loved the drive to their home. Tall trees on either side of the road, It is like we are driving in the canyon ALL of the time, but just green and beautiful. (I took Shawn on the ride this evening and he agreed it was really cool - we also saw a deer on the way back.) After that I called my friend Joy and ventured to her house. She also lived near to us, but I felt like it was a great place to go camping! It seemed like a campground with random houses here and there - it was cool. Andie and Jocelyn had fun playing together (when Andie was willing to share, we will have to work on that one!)

The best adventure however was dinner tonight. Shawn's department held a potluck picnic and it was VERY different than let's say....ANYTHING. We were all there and they said, "Ok, let's Eat!" I found myself holding back saying, "Shouldn't we have a prayer?" Oh wait, we're not in Utah anymore toto! Then, I found myself talking to some others who were starting the program. I was mentioning about "someone in my ward...." OOPS, another red light!! What do I say, "Neighborhood, Church, Social Group?" I was at a lost for words and realized that the girl probably thought I was talking of some mental ward at a crazy hospital. It was great.

Also, we alone "doubled" the kids in the department. Joy and Brian (members) have a little girl, and there was another little girl there, Tuesday - (cute huh!), and then Andie and Ali. And it's not like my kids aren't close in age, you could just see the look in all of their eyes - crazy Utah Mormons who have lot's of kids! I loved it - I just looked at everyone thinking, "They would be awesome members" or "I don't think they would care to learn more!" Isn't that terrible that I had those prejudgements. Oh well, the Lord knows who is ready - I just have to be ready to let him work through our family!!

So, it is great living in the mission field! I can't wait to meet more people and really hope that we can help someone come to know the gospel. It is such a great blessing in OUR life that I hope we can share that with so many more!! I love this gospel. I know we belong to the true church having the full restoration of the priesthood and gospel of Jesus Christ. It is His church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. If anyone doubts that, I challenge them to get on their knees and pray about it, pray to ask God if it is true!! You will be eternally greatful. I know that Jesus Christ lives and loves us. What an awesome blessing it is to know that families are forever, not just for this lifetime! I love my children and hope they too will feel my love of the gospel! It is great, isn't? I just get so excited thinking about it!!

Well, it is late and I should probably get to bed - I sure love you all that read this!! It is fun keeping in touch and being able to share our fun experiences and goofy girls...I will have to post their funny videos again tomorrow!! Love you all!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


So apparently ####-roach is a bad word and they put number signs though it in my last post. I corrected it and again, the number signs. Sorry for any of you who don't like it.

La Cucuracha!!

Well - I saw a ######### for the first time this morning at 5:00am in our kitchen. He was tiny and fast, it brought back WAY to many mission memories - where at one time we would open the cupboard to get a glass and 3 or 4 would fall out! GROSS! Bring it on bugs - I am ready. The interesting thing is that we have ladybugs - not so bad. But I will find one or two here and there in the most random places. They don't harm anything, do they?

Anyways - I can tell you right now - I MISS COSTCO and Macey's. Groceries are just not the same. Costco was my "bulk" purchases of detergent, toilet paper, chicken, beef, etc. Macey's was everything else and Walmart was everything beyond that. Well - it may come to a shock to many of you, but Wal-Mart has become my main store and I am getting tired of going there. My goal is to wait at least a week for my next visit (sad, I know) The meat there doesn't look very good. So, I discovered Krogers, and they are ok, but a little more expensive. Crazy. They have a Sam's Club, but it is a good 20 mins. away, so I have to see if it is worth the travel.

We are doing great though. It is raining today which makes it feel nice and cool. The humidity really has not been bad. It reminds me of California...perfect!! I had a nice welcome visit from the RS compassionate service comittee yesterday and then Sis. Turlington (RS Pres.) came this morning. We have a great ward!

Well for all you readers - have a terrific day!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Athens Update!

You heard about my new bed - here it is!! I love it! Thanks Shawn!

Anyways, we are doing great out here in Georgia. Some more fun facts about our move (since you just got the airport story!)

We live in a place called Brighton Park and we are on the east side of Athens. Walmart is about 2 minutes east (if that) and church is 20 minutes north/west (I think) It is hard to know directions without the mountains! Anyways, our first Sunday to church and right after Sacrament meeting a sister is wide grinned at my mom and dad. I thought, "Oh, can't seem to go anywhere without my dad knowing someone." Well, she introduces herself as Kim Bradley. Her husband Dave Bradley was a counselor to my dad in American Fork when my dad was the bishop - oh say, 25 or so years ago. (He was released when I was 5 and I am now 27 - you do the math!) Anways, they now live in Athens, and Dave Bradley is our Stake President. Isn't that crazy!!

He has been a famous name in our house for as long as I remember. Have you ever made pancakes and they were burnt on the outside but still runny in the middle? Well, we always called those Dave Bradley Pancakes because I guess one year at a father's and sons, that is how they turned out. (Sorry President Bradley!) It was a hoot! I also remembered them very distinctly because we stayed with them in Logan once when my aunt got married and we got dropped off at the Bradley's house. I told Shawn, I probably remember that (because I would have only been 9 or 10 at most) because we are here in Athens now. So, it is good to have family close by (at least I will consider them my family!!

Also, a new family moved in the same day as us - the Johnson's. They are great!! We had dinner last night with them and another family in the ward (the West's) and come to find out that Cory Johnson served with Steve in the Czech Republic! SMALL WORLD! They are starting a doctrate program as well and so we have the next four years together! I am excited to be great friends!

Getting a little better under has changed even now!

Our new ward is great and so far everything has worked out miraculously!! I am still amazed and feel so blessed! Our apartment is great - for the most part - but no major complaints - it is working perfect! It is huge, I feel like we have so much space (because we do!).

The girls made you all a video for the day! They are so funny....can't seem to get anything done around the house with them here - oh well, that's what life is all about, right?

Well, we hope to get more done around the home today. Oh, one last funny story. We signed up to feed the missionaries this Wednesday so at church yesterday I asked them what they wanted to eat. They were shy about it and I said, "Hey, I served a mission, I know what it is like - now is your time!" Still nothing. So I said, "Well, what do you eat a lot here? Like in Utah they always get roast and potatoes - so what are you always served?" One spoke up and said, "Speghetti and Pizza!" I then said, "Ok, no speghetti and pizza!" The other missionary then said, "Did you say roast and potatoes?" I turned to him and his face had the biggest eyes and his mouth was watering. I said, "Does that sound good?" The Elder said, "You would make that for us?" "SURE!" They both got so excited - I felt so bad. Poor guys, probably never give meat. We makes sense, we are all poor college students, but I will sacrifice for the missionaries - so many members helped me out on my mission, I feel grateful for the opportunity to give back!

So, Pot Roast and Potatoes it is - sounds yummy to me!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Flashback Friday

I saw on a few of your blogs a fun idea. So, as often as I remember, I will make Friday's my new "Flashback Friday" posts. The idea is share a memory and pictures from the past. So here we go.

Today's Flashback Friday will feature my mom!! (Although the pictures are from today!)

My mom has always been such a great friend to me! One of my favorite memories was when I was in 8th grade and I got to go with my mom to Mesa, AZ to spend a week with my aunt and cousins. It was my first time flying and I remember we were served sun chips in the plane. We both liked them so much (our first time trying them.) We also got to pick our own drinks and I remember thinking, I am so cool, to be on this trip with my mom! (I wonder now though that I am a mother why I got to go - was it because I was the most difficult child and if my mom took me then my dad could handle the other 5 children for a week? That's what I would do with my children - send the hardest one! Either way, I am glad I got to go!) The whole week I got to do everything the "adults" did. When Suzanne and my mom ran errands, I got to go. I felt so special! Thanks for choosing me mom!

I also remember all of the great things my mom has taught me over the years. And I am sure like many of you, when I was young, I vowed never to turn into my mom! Well, I take that back - I hope to be just like my mom!! She raised us well, taught me to cook and clean - and we have great memories together! Thanks Mom!!
I dropped her off at the Atlanta Airport today and am not sure when exactly I will see her in person again. Soon - I hope! My mom has become my best friend over the years, but especially since I have been married and lived just down the road from her until last Saturday. She is smart, funny, spiritual, cute and very fashionable!! I will miss our everyday errands to Walmart and the fun times we had that only a mother and daughter could understand! We have had a great week together, laughing so hard at stupid things to the point of tears - it has been great! I love you mom!
My mom and Andie are also best of friends. I can tell you, I have never been so sad to see my daughter cry. We pulled up to the airport today and I got out to get her luggage from the trunk. Mom got out and I think Andie thought we were leaving her. Mom opened the back door gave her a big hug and kiss and Andie's arms were stretched out wide. I said my goodbyes and got back into the car - Andie calmed down realizing I was staying with her. But, when we pulled away from the curb and I heard, "Mamm Ma!! Mamm Ma" and looked in the rear view mirror to see Andie crying again with her arms stretch back reaching for her grandma - I too started to cry! Andie adores her grandma and will definately miss all of the spoiling!! Everytime we went to grandma's house (pretty much a daily baisis) she would always run in looking for "Mamm Ma" and then of course the treats would come out and the love would start flowing! Thanks Mamm Ma - Andie loves you too!!
Ali took a peticular liking to Grandma T this week as she was her travel partner. She enjoyed snuggling with her on the airplane!! Grandma was great this week when Ali cried, she got fed a bottle - WHICH SHE LOVES! Ali loves playing with her grandma and would talk to her and give her big smiles ALL the time. She too will miss her and Loves her so much!

Mom - we just want you to know that we love you and appreciate ALL you have done for us. Shawn and I agree that you are a wonderful example to our children and appreciate you for treating them so special! We look forward to you coming to visit again and definately to coming home to visit you! WE LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU!

My mom is the greatest!!! What more can I say?

Fun Videos

Here are some videos of the girls. They have been so fun and are adjusting well to the south. I apologize for the shakiness - if you are prone to sea sickness, you might want to take Dramamine beforehand! Enjoy!

Andie is so nice to Ali - Such a great big Sister

Ali has learned to roll over and gets frustrated when she is on her belly!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

We Made It!!! (warning, this is long!)

Howdy Y'all!! We are officially Georgian! Isn't it great? We got here last Saturday and have been adjusting rather quickly to our new location. I apologize for now - I don't know which box I packed my computer cord for the camera, so we have no pictures, but I am sure I will find it someday. It was in one of those random last boxes that you don't know how to label.

Anyway. I flew out with my mom and the girls - and I couldn't ask for better children. Ali, we had no idea was traveling with us - didn't make a peep the whole time. Andie on the other hand, had a few moments like not wanting to be buckled in, wanting to walk around, stand up on the seat and not want to sit on your lap (doesn't sound like a 19 month old at all, right?) Overall - she was great and very entertaining for those around us. She recently developed a shyness where she covers her face in her hands. So when anyone says hi or smiles, she gets a shy little smile on her face and then hides behind her hands, peeking slowly around them to see if the person is still watching her. It is so cute.

We were so blessed during on trips. We were, let's say a little rushed getting to the airport - thought we had more time, but got to security gates with 20 minutes before our plane departed- oops! So, everything felt like a rush. We flew to Denver, which was just over an hour. Mom had Ali and I had Andie and we were sitting across from each other in the isle. WE landed and had a total of 12 minutes before our next plane took off. Just enough time to rush to the bathroom, change diapers and load up again. I had been praying earnestly that there would be an extra seat for Andie, but they said the flight was booked! Darn. However, when we got to our seats, my mom's row was completely empty. PRAYERS ARE ANSWERED QUICKLY!! A connection flight didn't make it which left 6 open seats and 3 were on our row - excellent. The flight went really well.

We got to Atlanta just before midnight and both my mom and I had to use the restroom. We landed in a portal that was closed for the night, but couldn't wait. When we were done, no one was around and all we knew was that our bags would be in the North Terminal 4. Neither of us had been to that airport before. So, that following was an adventure. We started walking towards where the crowd had gone. We were completely lost and finally found a security guard who we asked where to go. She told us to go to an elevator, go down and then take the train to the baggage claim. TRAIN?? In an airport. I am sure she was laughing at our expression.

So, we go in the elevator, get on the subway type train and next stop "C" OK - do we get off or do we stay on? Next stop "B", then "A"......Where is North Terminal 4? There was a nice man who was in our car and he finally asked what we were looking for. I told him and he said, "Oh, just wait for the last stop" So we did and then he pointed us to an elevator and told us to push a button and then get out and turn right. I didn't know which button he said though because of his accent. We got in the elevator and we had three options - all of which none said terminal. We tried the mezzanine button (Whatever that is) and it put us into some offices - so we tried a different one and that took us back to the train. Third time was a charm. So, now the goal was to get our baggage and rent the car. Let me remind you we already have 2 strollers, our purses, diaper bag and a carryon full of toys and snacks. We still have to pick up Andie's car seat, and each of our big suitcases. We found them and then Mom ended up pushing Ali in her carseat in the big stroller while pulling her suitcase and carrying the purses in the bottom of the stroller. I on the other had had Andie in our umbrella stroller which the wheels did not want to move, pulling my suitcase while balancing her big car seat on the back with the carryon bag over my shoulder!! I am sure we looked hilarious!!

Anyways, fortuneately the rental car counter was not too far. I went up to the desk and had to ask the guys a thousand times to repeat what he was asking. 1) It was nearing 1AM 2) I had wrestled Andie all day 3) I cannot understand the southern accent! He was friendly and poliet (yes ma'am!) and was patient with me. He looked at my driver's license and said, "My wife went to Utah State!" I then recognized the smily face under the shirt and said, "Are you LDS?" He said "Yes" and I said, "Me too! We are moving to Athens for my husband to go to school" He looked at me, and then out the door at my mom, the girls and the luggage and just smiled. Let me just say, we got a free upgrade and received a small SUV for our rental - which is what we needed.

Our hotel was not too far from us and we made it there and in bed by 2am.

The boys had made it 2 hours outside of Atlanta that night and they beat us to our apartment by 10 minutes the next day!!

Well - This is a very long winded explanation of our first day and experience!! Unfortuneately it was more for me than y'all because I don't keep a journal on paper. Anways, I will keep looking through boxes for my camera be continued....