Friday, August 15, 2008

Culture Shock...or something like that

Do you like to Skype? We do!! We took a picture of my brother Eric while Skyping - turned out pretty good! Andie and David had a blast being each others copy cats. When David first saw us he started say, "Ani, Ani!" Andie responded by blowing between her lips (not whistling) David was soon to follow and then she would laugh. WE SURE MISS YOU DAVID!!! They started blowing kisses to each other and probably did it 10 times back and forth, it was sure cute!! If you have a web cam, let us know - we would love to talk!

Here is Andie playing with a new friend, Ethan. We watched him yesterday from 8-2 while his mom had to work. They had a lot of fun togehter, of couse once Andie had Ethan copying her!! I have decided that is her favorite game and will do whatever, however many times it takes until someone does the same thing and then she just her mom - enjoys entertaining!!

I think I accidentally scared Ali when I turned to her with the camera (picture below) She is growing up too fast. You will enjoy the video of her just trying to jump out of her bouncy chair.

We have had a great couple of days. We had the missionaries over for dinner, which they enjoyed immensly!! (I am biased, but thought it was pretty good too!) We made homemade peach icecream for dessert and invited 2 families over to help us enjoy it after the missionaries. We had the Johnson's (Cory, Mara, Cole and Emma) - THEY ARE THE BEST!!! We moved to Athen's on the same day and Cory is starting his PH.D in Accounting (taxes). They moved from North Carolina and live just 2-3 minutes from us. Cole is 4 and Emma is 2 months younger than Andie. They have a lot of fun together and today Mara and the kids came over and we went swimming! That was GREAT. I owe Mara big time, because we had a dinner at the University at 5:30 and so she watched my kids and helped me get them ready, since we were swimming till 4:30! Thanks Mara!

We also had the Georgeson's over. They just moved from Utah last week, they were living in Wymount. They have a 3 month old boy, Micah! Him and Ali will be great friends when they get older.

As you saw, we watched Ethan on Thursday and then today the girls and I ventured out! We went to check out a double stroller from another member and they live about 10 minutes from us. I loved the drive to their home. Tall trees on either side of the road, It is like we are driving in the canyon ALL of the time, but just green and beautiful. (I took Shawn on the ride this evening and he agreed it was really cool - we also saw a deer on the way back.) After that I called my friend Joy and ventured to her house. She also lived near to us, but I felt like it was a great place to go camping! It seemed like a campground with random houses here and there - it was cool. Andie and Jocelyn had fun playing together (when Andie was willing to share, we will have to work on that one!)

The best adventure however was dinner tonight. Shawn's department held a potluck picnic and it was VERY different than let's say....ANYTHING. We were all there and they said, "Ok, let's Eat!" I found myself holding back saying, "Shouldn't we have a prayer?" Oh wait, we're not in Utah anymore toto! Then, I found myself talking to some others who were starting the program. I was mentioning about "someone in my ward...." OOPS, another red light!! What do I say, "Neighborhood, Church, Social Group?" I was at a lost for words and realized that the girl probably thought I was talking of some mental ward at a crazy hospital. It was great.

Also, we alone "doubled" the kids in the department. Joy and Brian (members) have a little girl, and there was another little girl there, Tuesday - (cute huh!), and then Andie and Ali. And it's not like my kids aren't close in age, you could just see the look in all of their eyes - crazy Utah Mormons who have lot's of kids! I loved it - I just looked at everyone thinking, "They would be awesome members" or "I don't think they would care to learn more!" Isn't that terrible that I had those prejudgements. Oh well, the Lord knows who is ready - I just have to be ready to let him work through our family!!

So, it is great living in the mission field! I can't wait to meet more people and really hope that we can help someone come to know the gospel. It is such a great blessing in OUR life that I hope we can share that with so many more!! I love this gospel. I know we belong to the true church having the full restoration of the priesthood and gospel of Jesus Christ. It is His church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. If anyone doubts that, I challenge them to get on their knees and pray about it, pray to ask God if it is true!! You will be eternally greatful. I know that Jesus Christ lives and loves us. What an awesome blessing it is to know that families are forever, not just for this lifetime! I love my children and hope they too will feel my love of the gospel! It is great, isn't? I just get so excited thinking about it!!

Well, it is late and I should probably get to bed - I sure love you all that read this!! It is fun keeping in touch and being able to share our fun experiences and goofy girls...I will have to post their funny videos again tomorrow!! Love you all!


The Pratts said...

Wow perk - that is a funny look!

sdbroder said...

I'm glad you had a good day, Molly. Thanks for doing this blog for our family. I thought that it was interesting that you said it was late and you had to go to bed and the time posted said 7:44 p.m. I guess it's still on Mountain Daylight Time. : )

Love you lots! (Well, enough break, time to get back to work.)

rachaeljanae said...

Isn't the church great! Everywhere you go you always have friends.

Mariah said...

Hey there,
Sounds like you're having tons of fun out there. I have a friend that just moved to west virginia and her pictures are so green too. I have fun seeing how your cute family is doing. I run into the problem at work of what to refer to our ward as and have found that talking about my congregation is something everyone understands. Don't we have the craziest vocabulary?? Take care, keep the cute pictures comeing.
Love ya, Mariah