Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Just Do It

Dollhouse Book Case for the Girl's RoomI got his great buy on Craig's List and it is perfect. Andie's Daybed is white and this is just what we needed to store books, toys, diapers, etc. Andie loves to play with it and it will be fun when they are older and we can make it into a dollhouse! I put her pink board that says "I am a Child of God" right above it! I love it!
I have decided that I can no longer say, "I will do it tomorrow!" Why? You might ask...Let me tell you. TOMORROW NEVER COMES! True story. I have taken the pictures below to document that I finally cleaned my room, every box is out, the floors got vacuumed, and the clothes are put away. This is the last room to be done since we moved in. HIP-HIP-HOORAY!
Andie loves our mirror closet doors. She opens and closes them, walking in and out all day long if I would let her. It is fun.
So, with the 2 girls I was getting nothing done. My sister said that there has never been every room in her house completely clean at the same time since she had kids, so I was glad to know that. It was stressful as now I can fully understand you could spend EVERY day cleaning and never be done! I love my little girls though - they are worth all of the messes (most days!)

Shawn officially started school yesterday. He left the house at 7:30am and returned home at 9:15pm - Yep, that made for a long day. Today and tomorrow will be the same - YUCK. All I can say is, I am glad we will not be in school forever and look forward to the days when we have an 8-5 job, dinner together, time together. I figure by then, church callings will probably consume his time, so I guess we just have to get used to the single parent life! At least I don't have to work - All out there who really are single parents - my heart goes out to you.

We are doing great and having a grand old time! Hope you are all well!


Southern Belle said...

That is a very cute shelf. I love it!

Brandon and Jen Jensen said...

I LOVE your bedroom. I wish mine looked that good!

The Pratts said...

Very nice Molly! I really love the bed! Also the girls shelf is super cute!