Wednesday, August 13, 2008

La Cucuracha!!

Well - I saw a ######### for the first time this morning at 5:00am in our kitchen. He was tiny and fast, it brought back WAY to many mission memories - where at one time we would open the cupboard to get a glass and 3 or 4 would fall out! GROSS! Bring it on bugs - I am ready. The interesting thing is that we have ladybugs - not so bad. But I will find one or two here and there in the most random places. They don't harm anything, do they?

Anyways - I can tell you right now - I MISS COSTCO and Macey's. Groceries are just not the same. Costco was my "bulk" purchases of detergent, toilet paper, chicken, beef, etc. Macey's was everything else and Walmart was everything beyond that. Well - it may come to a shock to many of you, but Wal-Mart has become my main store and I am getting tired of going there. My goal is to wait at least a week for my next visit (sad, I know) The meat there doesn't look very good. So, I discovered Krogers, and they are ok, but a little more expensive. Crazy. They have a Sam's Club, but it is a good 20 mins. away, so I have to see if it is worth the travel.

We are doing great though. It is raining today which makes it feel nice and cool. The humidity really has not been bad. It reminds me of California...perfect!! I had a nice welcome visit from the RS compassionate service comittee yesterday and then Sis. Turlington (RS Pres.) came this morning. We have a great ward!

Well for all you readers - have a terrific day!


Southern Belle said...

Agree on the roaches. AH!! We have our apartment sprayed and then we purchased our own spray and spray about every month. It helps a ton.

As for lady cure. They will only get worse. They wlll be everywhere. I was still vacuuming them up in March. They migrate to the south for winter and will be around for a bit. They don't harm anything, but can make the walls a nasty color if you don't get them off.

We have a Sam's card and go once a month. Let me know if you ever want to go. I go get the bulk items as well and it helps a ton. I miss Macey's so much. I will have to send you a list of great places to get different things.

Jeff and Elise McGee said...

Yucky about the roach! I actually like Sam's better than Costco, I think they have a better selection - worth the 20 minute drive! Isn't it "fun" getting to know a new area?!

Natalie said...

Good luck with the shopping... I drive to Orem to Costco... so 20 sounds doable.
As for the cockroaches, you can think of me whenever you see one! When I worked at the elementary school, some boys used to call me Mrs. Cockroach! Funny that they wouldn't let you say that on your blog. Bad word?! Weird! And yes the south has tons of them, wait til you see 2 inch ones that can fly!

Brooke said...

Crazy about the cockroaches! I think that I would move back to Utah if I were you and go right back to the Aspen 11th ward! I hear that it is awesome!!! Really I am so glad that you made it there safely and that your RS President came to visit. I miss you already and Super Saturday won't be the same without you!(yes, we are already planning for it)

rachaeljanae said...

I drive 20 min to Sam's Club here, and when they finally got a Costco, I decided I liked Sam's better anyway, so I still make the drive. After lots of practice, I've got it down to about one trip a month. It takes a while to figure out your routine, but what an adventure. There's nothing worse than getting into a rut!

Brandon and Jen Jensen said...

Hello Molly! So glad you seem so happy in Georgia! Your little girls are so pretty. I'm glad you left comment on our blog. Good to hear from you. I still say you two were the best Primary teachers ever! Your new ward is lucky to have you. Keep in touch! -Jen