Friday, August 29, 2008

Flashback Friday

I remember a few years ago, while living with my grandma, when I would complain (probably daily) about how I was never going to meet someone, I was going to be single for the rest of my life, blah, blah, blah, etc. She said on more than one occasion, "Molly, just be patient!" I would always reply, "I have been taught enough patience, I served a mission!" She would quickly respond, "Molly, enjoy life! Now is the time to have fun!"

Well, grandma, I want you to know, I am enjoying life and YES, the Lord is still teaching me patience. I guess the mission and waiting to find Shawn wasn't enough. The following pictures will explain why.

<-- Does she look like she knows she's in trouble? I had pulled out the camera to document our event and she was happy and smiling - my camera just wasn't fast enough!

I was cooking dinner and Shawn was in the computer room getting ready for his bishopric meeting. Andie had been Coloring in her coloring book, decided she was bored with pictures of Elmo and wanted to move onto something more "her age!" So, she decided to help me "highlight some scriptures"...YEP - you read it correct, I found Andie and my Book of Mormon with a brown crayon - OH NO!!!!!!!!

I was so mad, I took the crayons, put her on her chair and walked away. My own fault I guess, don't leave your scriptures where you child can reach! When I calmed down, I looked and she had colored in Jacob 5. I first thought, well, that's convenient, I can just use green and make it look like an olive tree! But then, I began flipping through pages, she had gotten to Mosiah. I continued flipping to find she had graciously colored 10 pages for me. Thanks Andie! Sure love ya!

PS - I was able to use a pencil eraser and lighten the crayon, but whenever I turn to one of her pages I will always have this day to reflect on!


The Pratts said...

Isn't that fun! I don't know if there is any lesson in patients better then children! All I can say is that I think everyone has little moments like this... think of all the stories we have heard from Mom in patients while you guys were growing up! I have heard so many about Jared, it is no wonder I get the same lessons daily from our kids! You are a great Mom... think - at least you have the scripture out often enough that this happened... some other houses this might be replaced with magazines or books that are not as wonderful as the scriptures. Try to put a good twist on it.. you are wonderful!

Jacob said...

Oh fun times. I still have my first set of scriptures (I got the rebound) and while they don't have random scribblings, they do have all kinds of notes that bring back memories. Its always fun when I come across them again and again.
Good luck with the competition, I need something to motivate me, too.

Natalie said...

oh boy do kids try our patience! Some times we forget the lessons we learn but this one you'll remember every time you open your scriptures!

Brooke said...

That made me laugh! At least yours were only colored in. Carter got a hold of EVERYONE'S scriptures at some point or another in our house during one of his "hard" stages (did he ever get out of that"hard" stage?) anyway he not only colored in our scriptures, he ripped a few pages out as well, needless to say that John is pretty much taped together in my triple combination! Good Times! This too shall pass, and then she'll move on to something else to make life memorable :)

ALYN said...

I saw your blog on Joy's... I read a few entries, but I need to clean the house now! Madi's birthday party is tonight! Do you want to list your blog on the yahoo group? My family blog is

Where was your mission?

At least all the pages are still attached to the scriptures. It could be much worse!