Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Double Stroller

We Did It!! I finally found a double stroller that fits in the trunk of my car!!! It is perfect! And though I have not yet used it, I already love it. I found it at for those of you who are having twins (Tamara) or an small 2nd child (Liz) very soon. I think you would both love it. It was delivered yesterday and I thought to myself, Great - when am I going to find time to put that beast together! Then to my amazement, I opened the box this morning and BOOM!!! It was already together! (Again, another great reason to purchase this!)As you can see, Andie got a test ride in the family room this morning. Do you like her pose?
I had to fight her to get her out so I could fold it up. Cool huh - nice and compact (well, for a double stroller)
Best of all - it fits in my trunk and leaves me MORE room for groceries than my regular stroller did!
Selling points for all of you considering. 1) The handle bars are high, not like an umbrella stroller - I think they are a little higher than my regular one, which is nice. 2) It folds up nice and compact. 3) Each seat is individual - and they recline. So for Ali, who can't quiet sit up yet, I can recline her and she is comfortable and Andie can sit up and be comfortable. 4) They have individual shades that actually cover them (Again, not too common on side-by-side strollers). 5) The cushions are SOFT and nice - I would enjoy a ride! 6) It was only $199 - which may seem like a lot - but if you look, it is the cheapest you will find! 7) No set up required!! Can't go wrong there. 8) Super easy to fold down! 9) The front bars are soft and can be removed. 10) Says it fits through standard doors (haven't tried it out yet - our doors are not standard!)

The draw backs are that there is no cup holder, and the baskets aren't that great - but who cares - It fits in my trunk! Good enough for me! What more can I ask for? It is what I have been looking for!

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The Pratts said...

I love it! Very cute! We had something similar for San Francisco, we borrowed from Reva and it worked great! I think you will love this way more then a bulky one, easier to maneuver. Plus we didn't have cup holders either and it didn't bug us, not even Jared and you know how important our drinks are to us! Also the baskets wasn't big on ours either, but it was easy to hang the diaper bag for the back. I really like it, good job and your great finds!