Wednesday, August 6, 2008

We Made It!!! (warning, this is long!)

Howdy Y'all!! We are officially Georgian! Isn't it great? We got here last Saturday and have been adjusting rather quickly to our new location. I apologize for now - I don't know which box I packed my computer cord for the camera, so we have no pictures, but I am sure I will find it someday. It was in one of those random last boxes that you don't know how to label.

Anyway. I flew out with my mom and the girls - and I couldn't ask for better children. Ali, we had no idea was traveling with us - didn't make a peep the whole time. Andie on the other hand, had a few moments like not wanting to be buckled in, wanting to walk around, stand up on the seat and not want to sit on your lap (doesn't sound like a 19 month old at all, right?) Overall - she was great and very entertaining for those around us. She recently developed a shyness where she covers her face in her hands. So when anyone says hi or smiles, she gets a shy little smile on her face and then hides behind her hands, peeking slowly around them to see if the person is still watching her. It is so cute.

We were so blessed during on trips. We were, let's say a little rushed getting to the airport - thought we had more time, but got to security gates with 20 minutes before our plane departed- oops! So, everything felt like a rush. We flew to Denver, which was just over an hour. Mom had Ali and I had Andie and we were sitting across from each other in the isle. WE landed and had a total of 12 minutes before our next plane took off. Just enough time to rush to the bathroom, change diapers and load up again. I had been praying earnestly that there would be an extra seat for Andie, but they said the flight was booked! Darn. However, when we got to our seats, my mom's row was completely empty. PRAYERS ARE ANSWERED QUICKLY!! A connection flight didn't make it which left 6 open seats and 3 were on our row - excellent. The flight went really well.

We got to Atlanta just before midnight and both my mom and I had to use the restroom. We landed in a portal that was closed for the night, but couldn't wait. When we were done, no one was around and all we knew was that our bags would be in the North Terminal 4. Neither of us had been to that airport before. So, that following was an adventure. We started walking towards where the crowd had gone. We were completely lost and finally found a security guard who we asked where to go. She told us to go to an elevator, go down and then take the train to the baggage claim. TRAIN?? In an airport. I am sure she was laughing at our expression.

So, we go in the elevator, get on the subway type train and next stop "C" OK - do we get off or do we stay on? Next stop "B", then "A"......Where is North Terminal 4? There was a nice man who was in our car and he finally asked what we were looking for. I told him and he said, "Oh, just wait for the last stop" So we did and then he pointed us to an elevator and told us to push a button and then get out and turn right. I didn't know which button he said though because of his accent. We got in the elevator and we had three options - all of which none said terminal. We tried the mezzanine button (Whatever that is) and it put us into some offices - so we tried a different one and that took us back to the train. Third time was a charm. So, now the goal was to get our baggage and rent the car. Let me remind you we already have 2 strollers, our purses, diaper bag and a carryon full of toys and snacks. We still have to pick up Andie's car seat, and each of our big suitcases. We found them and then Mom ended up pushing Ali in her carseat in the big stroller while pulling her suitcase and carrying the purses in the bottom of the stroller. I on the other had had Andie in our umbrella stroller which the wheels did not want to move, pulling my suitcase while balancing her big car seat on the back with the carryon bag over my shoulder!! I am sure we looked hilarious!!

Anyways, fortuneately the rental car counter was not too far. I went up to the desk and had to ask the guys a thousand times to repeat what he was asking. 1) It was nearing 1AM 2) I had wrestled Andie all day 3) I cannot understand the southern accent! He was friendly and poliet (yes ma'am!) and was patient with me. He looked at my driver's license and said, "My wife went to Utah State!" I then recognized the smily face under the shirt and said, "Are you LDS?" He said "Yes" and I said, "Me too! We are moving to Athens for my husband to go to school" He looked at me, and then out the door at my mom, the girls and the luggage and just smiled. Let me just say, we got a free upgrade and received a small SUV for our rental - which is what we needed.

Our hotel was not too far from us and we made it there and in bed by 2am.

The boys had made it 2 hours outside of Atlanta that night and they beat us to our apartment by 10 minutes the next day!!

Well - This is a very long winded explanation of our first day and experience!! Unfortuneately it was more for me than y'all because I don't keep a journal on paper. Anways, I will keep looking through boxes for my camera be continued....


Katie Jo said...

Flying with children is the BEST! I'm glad your mom was there to help you!! My sister in law took her 2 girls to Argentina all by herself.. yeah, not sure how she did it!

Natalie said...

Sounds like quite an adventure! glad things worked out... and especially that you had your mom with you! We had to do that whole train thing as missionaries headed to Louisiana... I was the "travel leader" It was quite an adventure, too! Can't wait to see pictures. Love you... Good luck getting settled.

Jeff and Elise McGee said...

Glad you made it safely! Did you get much unpacking done while your mom was there? BTW, you can find cute backgrounds for your blog at . There's a link on our blog in the upper left hand corner if that isn't the right website.