Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Georgia - Here We Come!!!

Ready or Not - Here we Go

Well - it is official. Shawn is on his way!! We went this morning at 7:30am to pick up the truck!! We had ordered a 22 foot, but they didn't have one and so they gave us a 26 foot - IT IS HUGE!! It took about an hour to go through everything and get the truck. We pulled the car dolly to my parent's house to drop it off and then go home just after 8:30 to start loading. I was worried that we would be loading by ourselves with my mom - but then Bro. Rasmussen and his son showed up. A Tahoe full of Young Men showed up next and then Bro. York and his son and a few priests. We are SOOOOO grateful for the help we got. We were done loading the truck by 10:30am. The longest part was taking time to tie off different sections because the truck was so big, we didn't need all of the room. We had the front part loaded with all the boxes stacked to the ceiling, then we barricaded it off with twin mattresses and our box springs and then tied them off. Everything else was single leveled and our mattress got the back floor all to itself!

So, Shawn and I finished clearing out the condo (food from the fridge, vacuuming, etc.) and were to my Mom's house by 11:20. Everything worked out great. Because we had the extra room, we decided to go to Costco and get a Sleigh Bed for our mattress and new bedding. So - watch for pictures once we get that set up.

We got back around 1:30 and Dad and Shawn were on the road by 2:45 with the car on the trailer and ready to go. So - now they have a very long drive and I have a few days of rest and relaxation!!!

THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO HELPED - WE COULDN'T HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU!!! (well, we could have, but we would still be loading!)

Good Luck Shawn and Dad and we will keep the rest of you posted once we are in Athens. Our Internet should be set up on Monday (Aug. 4th)


Southern Belle said...

Much Luck on the move! We are excited to have you move to Athens. We will be back on the 11th, so let us know if you need anything.

Katie Jo said...

GOOD LUCK!!!!! Sounds like... no fun at all!! hahaha I sent you a thank you card so hopefully you get it before you leave!!! It should get there today!

Jeff and Elise McGee said...

I'm glad you got so much help! We can't wait to hear about your new digs!

Natalie said...

And isn't today the day you are off?! Good luck Molly! I will miss you so much! We love you so much... and I'm so glad you are blogging. That way I KNOW we'll keep in touch. Good luck and please call any time. Send me your address too!