Thursday, July 3, 2008

Good and Bad News!

Shawn defended his Thesis today and he did a great job. He studied the difference between online learning vs. face-to-face learning with two Math 110 classes. (Note: If you want further knowledge of his conclusions, you will have to ask him!) Andie, Ali and I were able to go and listen to his presentation and he did great. After his 25 minute power point, we were all asked to leave the room, Shawn included. He was then invited back in after about 30 minutes and the 3 professors started asking questions and really digging into the whole project. After quiet a while, Shawn was again asked to leave and later invited in for their decision. They concluded to put him on recess! (And this is not the recess you and I know from elementary school!)

So, this is good and bad. First of all the good.

Good because they want to "motivate" Shawn to go a little further. His project has a lot of potential and they want to prepare it to be used as a resource and not just another thesis on the bookshelf in the library. In doing so, they also want to pull a few articles from it to publish them. THAT IS GREAT!!!!!! They also want him to be able to present his Thesis in the annual Math Ed North American conference next summer (which happens to be in Atlanta!) These are AWESOME accomplishments and will boost his resume and reputation in his field. They all complimented him on his work saying that none of them had done so well on their thesis at his stage. WAY TO GO SHAWN!! So this is great....however, here is the bad news.

I guess it is more frustrating than bad because it means Shawn does not get a break. He has A LOT of work to do between now and when we move and also after we move. Each professor wants to work with him individually to correct and change parts of his thesis. After all 3 of them have worked with Shawn, he will then make the corrections and turn in another final draft right before we move. Then, they will review it and hold a video conference with him once we are in Georgia. Further corrections will most likely have to be made then and HOPEFULLY he will be done! He starts school in Georgia on August 17th, and most likely this will take all of his time between now and then to complete.

So, instead of giving him an assignment today, they suggestion he "take a break" for the 4th of July and then they will focus in on it. Shawn told them we were planning on going to St. George until next Wednesday, they encouraged him to keep those plans and then get ready to work "LOTS" when he returns until the day his leaves. :(

Shawn, we love you so much and support you!! We know it is lots of work and have been so glad you have had a few days off to spend time with us! We know this is a blessing in disguise, although stressful, but will be great to help establish his career!

Well, there is an update for all who are interested. Thanks for everyone's love and support!


Southern Belle said...

AH!!! I wish I could help you pack and unpack. When we get back, I will help out! I remember those days of thesis and I don't look forward to them again. Brian is starting in on his this fall. We will have to do lots together. Also, PLEASE let the people here help you move in. They are all so willing to help out. Less stress for you. I wish we could be here to help right when you move in, but I will be here on the 11th and can help.

Delynn said...

That's what you get for being smart! :) It sounds like a great opportunity, with a lot of work involved. Let me know how I can help you and your adorable family!

Natalie said...

Oh boy! What an achievement! Way to go Shawn! But what a stress too! Good luck. We are sure proud of you and your accomplishments!