Friday, July 25, 2008

Time to get Movin'

Some more pictures!
Ali and her uncle Steve at the 4th of July

Andie has been helping me pack - she is the best at unloading EVERY drawer she can get her hand on. She gets a confused look on her face when she goes for the kitchen drawer where the towels used to be, or under the bathroom sink - EVERYTHING IS EMPTY??? She decided she understood the concept, got an empty diaper box by the door and then loaded up her friends, Mickey, Minnie, Bunny and Goofy. She then got my finger and took me to the "tape" She motioned to me to tape up the box and started waving saying, "Bye! See ya!" It was funny and yet so sad. She was packing up her best friends. I thought to myself, I wonder what she thinks, we are getting rid of everything - that's life or does she know she will see it all again! I am sure it will seem like Christmas Day when we are unloading all the boxes again!So, lately I have had some really productive days and then days like today - I can't seem to get motivated. So, I spent the last hour or so (or at least I tell myself that's all it took!) looking at everyone's blogs enjoying their stories and renewing friendships once again!! You guys are ALL great! I haven't loaded pictures on in quiet a while - so today, you get a slide show to tell all that we have been up too. It has been fun and as you can see - my house is a mess because I am in the middle of packing it all up!!
My cute little Andie!!
Happy Birthday to me!! I had a great day! Shawn sent me on a treasure hunt and look at all the stuff I got. My two favorite gifts were a web cam and a wheat grinder from my Mom and Shawn! Thanks. I also went to lunch with my Mom and Liz and then we went and saw Mamma Mia - very entertaining!!
We went to ABBA last night at the Scera Shell - with Mom and Dad! It was so much fun. Little did you or I even know, Shawn loves ABBA and was singing to EVERY song. I accused him of this and he said with a big smile on his face, "Not every song!" Andie and Ali enjoyed the show as well. Andie got lot's of treats and was very hyper and clapping and screaming along with everyone else. We got done around 10:30pm and she was asleep before we got home. Did I take my camera? Of course not...I forgot! Oh well.


Natalie said...

Hope you had an awesome birthday! Sure love you. Looks like you've been working hard!

Jeff and Elise McGee said...

What a cute story about Andie packing her things up! I'm sure she'll do great with the move... Sadie did just fine with our move to Santa Fe, all that mattered to her was that her toys and her bed came along, LOL!

Brooke said...

Sounds like you had a great birthday! And what a great picture of you, you are beautiful! Andie is too cute, but I still wish you weren't moving...I think I am still in denial! We are going to miss you guys so much! It's not to late for you to change your mind right?!?