Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Summer Fun

Hannah and Andie

Have you ever seen a white peacock?

Well, we had a great day yesterday. Andie and I went to Thankgiving point with Natalie and Hannah. The girls had so much fun together. They were laughing at each other almost the whole way there! It was fun. We will miss Hannah!! (and Natalie too, of course!)

Last night, we also went up the canyon and had a Family Night with my side of the family. Steve, Cammie and Logan are in town from Alaska. It was so much fun. Mom made Pork Chop Medley and peach cobbler in the dutch ovens. I didn't pull my camera out, but I will still some from my mom's and post pictures soon. Well, at least a video of David, Andie and Emma playing ring-around-the-rosie!! It was great!

Anyways, we sure love our friends and family. Doing such fun things make it harder to know we are moving to Georgia in 30 DAYS!!!!!!!! That's too soon! We still need to sale our condo....if anyone knows anyone, let me know!!

We look forward to more fun this week and going to St. George for Amber's baptism.

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Natalie said...

Oh, what cute girls! We loved going too! Thanks for the coupon... and paying! We'll sure miss you guys!