Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Back to the Gym

OK - I know it is only Tuesday - but I have been to the gym BOTH mornings of this week and plan on going the rest of the week as well! My mom has been going to the gym and always says, "Meet me there!" It has been hard with Shawn going early to school but that is over with!! YEAH. So, I am SLOWLY getting back in to my routine at Gold's. Let me tell you - I AM SO SORE - It's pathetic. I went to do crunches again this morning and my muscles were so tight! My sister-in-law pointed out that I did just have a c-section so I feel a little better (considering they cut through my stomach and all that hard muscle which was there before got chopped in half and has to grow back together! I think it might take longer than 8 weeks) :) Nice excuse, right!!

It feels so good to do physical activity again - I love it!! Many of you may not know - but before I met Shawn (not that I am blaming him) I was an avid gym enthusiast! I usually went 5 days a week and was the most toned and skinniest I have ever been!! Ask my grandma - I lived with her during that phase of my life! I love the power pump class and lifting weights - I look forward to enjoying it for at least 6 more weeks while we are here.

The best of it all - I came home this morning from the gym and to my amazement and utter surprise Shawn had vacuumed, mopped the kitchen floor, loaded and started the dishwasher AND given Andie a bath! It was great!! Thanks Shawn - sure love ya and glad you are home with us for a few weeks!

OK - enough for now. :)


rachaeljanae said...

Yeah for you! I know I'm a much better mom when I'm in a regular exercise routine. It's just one of those things you've got to do to stay sane, not to mention all the benefits of being a sexy wife! Keep it up!

Natalie said...

yeah go mols! keep it up. i'm sure its a lot of work just to get there with 2 kids... let alone the workout! way to go shawn, for helping out!

The Pratts said...

Good for you Molly! You are doing a great job! Good for you Shawn for being so supportive! Is there a Gold's out in Atlanta? We have the VIP so we can use the childcare while we work out...maybe if you have a Gold's out there you can look into it. It makes it nice because I can go when I want and not worry who is home to watch the kids.

John and Becky Bowler said...

You look great and your kids are too cute. (this is Becky, your old roomate from Tucson)

The Melo's said...

Molly, McKenzie is 18 months old too but she is our only one, seeing as Paul is in school and she is all we can afford right now:) Your little ones are so cute! I don't know if you remember me, Kate Holdsworth, I am Alicia's friend and I was(and still am) always with Paul. Why are you moving to Georgia?