Thursday, February 24, 2011

How do you like your Bananas?

The other day - I ate a PERFECT banana!! I thought of my grandma and how we were the perfect banana pair when we lived together. She loves them a little green, and I love them with brown spots. These also would have made great banana bread! YUM!

When I vacuum downstairs, I always have the girls put the shoes on the stairs. Shawn was picking up one night and thought it would be funny to line all the shoes we had downstairs on the was a fun surprise to turn the corner and see all our shoes!! I think Shawn was shocked we had so many pair!

So, the girls don't really using tanning lotion - my lighting is funny on this picture. I wanted to show them in their cute dress and skirt I made for them!!

Ali - learning to write her name. No, I didn't teach her a thing, she watches Andie. All of the sudden she said, "Mom - look ALI!" So, we had to snap a picture! Pretty good for a 2 1/2 year old.

The pink boots and the pink skirt make quiet the duo!!

Decorating sugar cookies for Valentine's Day "ALL BY MY SELF!!"

Rolling out the dough

Ali and her cookie - I love the gallon of sprinkles!!

This picture is for Jill. I was on the phone with her, stirring a pot of cream of broccoli soup, when a bubble popped on my hand!! (bottom right!) It hurt so bad and blistered instantly. It burned for 2 hours...OUCH!! Just yesterday, the blister skin finally came off. I burnt it on the 9th of Feb.

One day Ali was playing on star fall (a reading website). Adalyn had crawled under the computer desk and so I wheeled Ali out of the way to reach Adalyn. I turned around to tell her sorry and saw that she was asleep - it was so funny!

I think her face says it all!!!

And so does this one!! What a funny baby!

Just some random pictures I thought I would share with you all! Have a great day!

Friday, February 4, 2011

More sewing fun!

I made this dress/jumper last August.  It was the first thing I made from a pattern and I had a lot of help from different sisters in my ward.  It was a great learning experience.  However, it ended up being way too big for the girls.

Then, I cut out the skirt in October.

Yesterday....I finally sewed the skirt together.  I think it turned out so cute and I was glad that I could sew something in just over 4 hours (the girls were with a playgroup swap for 3 of those hours.)  It was nice to have some alone time and nice to accomplish and complete something!  The best thing about these....I got material from a sister in our ward who was "cleaning out" and didn't want it.  SCORE!

I'll post pictures of the girls sporting their new outfits, when they wear them on Sunday.  They are sooooo excited and ask me, "Is today Sunday?"

(Thanks for reading all the other posts before this.  I take pictures with good intentions to share them, and finally have.  My computer was uploading really fast today, which always helps!)

We live such a great and blessed life!!

Set the timer....

I decided one morning, to take pictures of our day-to-day. Ok, it really doesn't get this bad all of the time, but yes - we're not perfect! So, the girls and I decided to set the timer for 25 minutes to see what we could get done..

We had the missionaries over for dinner and I didn't clean up had been a long day. Plus, the dishwasher needed to be unloaded

The kitchen table

The family room

The computer room

Dishes are almost done!!



Clean - yes, you might just say, "She put it all on the freezer!" Wrong. That is bags and batting of material and collected items for our quilting project. I get to store it till the 10th - and well, yes, the freezer is up and out of the way from little hands!!

It is amazing what you can accomplish if you just get to work. 25 minutes really isn't that long. We could have sat and watched a cartoon or something, but we decided to be productive and felt good in the end. I'm so lucky to have Andie and Ali as such good helpers!!


We slowly continue to attempt to take pictures with the 40 or so bulldogs around Athens.
Ali and I were at the Mall while Andie was at a primary activity day and found this girl dog, all dressed up!!

Another day, we were driving around, just trying to get out of the house and decided to stop by this bulldog. He represents an electrical company.

It will be fun to see all of the different dogs together...once we get them. :)

UGA Gymnastics

Shawn had no school on on MLK day, so we went to the UGA gymnastics meet. We had a great time. They hand out free pom, poms - so that always helps to keep the girls entertained. Adalyn slept the entire time!!

Go Gym Dogs!!!

Snow & Boots

The 2nd week of January, it snowed on the Sunday night and shut down Athens for 4 days. We received only about 7 inches, but I guess that's a lot when you usually don't get any.
We decided to get the girls some boots so they could go play. It rains a lot in the spring too - so we figured they would be put to good use
and we were right. I think they wore them EVERYDAY for the first 2 weeks, even if we didn't go anywhere, those boots rarely left their feet!

I was trying to capture what all the fields looked like - big ice skating rinks!!  It was cool, in the bottom picture you can see how the ice had big cracks in it.  Needless to say, it was not play snow, but fun to stomp in!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Quilting & Blanket Project

Our Relief Society has a goal to make and donate 50 blankets or quilts to give to local shelters and safe houses. We had a sister in our ward use pillowcases as a top to her quilt. I liked the idea, so found some pillowcases on sale. (Striped material). I decided to make a clip quilt with them, the blue is fleece. I thought it turned out pretty cute - the first blanket I've ever made!!!

Andie was sad I was giving it away, but I explained it was for someone who doesn't have a blanket and she said, "Mom, that's a kind deed!" It was cute.

(PS. - Our stake has a goal this year to "do a kind deed to a member of your family daily!" We ask each day after scripture study what each of us did as a kind deed. It has been fun to watch the girls, constantly throughout the day say, "Mom! I just did a kind deed!" Good goal, we are seeing more kindness in our home for sure!)