Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Quilting & Blanket Project

Our Relief Society has a goal to make and donate 50 blankets or quilts to give to local shelters and safe houses. We had a sister in our ward use pillowcases as a top to her quilt. I liked the idea, so found some pillowcases on sale. (Striped material). I decided to make a clip quilt with them, the blue is fleece. I thought it turned out pretty cute - the first blanket I've ever made!!!

Andie was sad I was giving it away, but I explained it was for someone who doesn't have a blanket and she said, "Mom, that's a kind deed!" It was cute.

(PS. - Our stake has a goal this year to "do a kind deed to a member of your family daily!" We ask each day after scripture study what each of us did as a kind deed. It has been fun to watch the girls, constantly throughout the day say, "Mom! I just did a kind deed!" Good goal, we are seeing more kindness in our home for sure!)

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