Thursday, February 24, 2011

How do you like your Bananas?

The other day - I ate a PERFECT banana!! I thought of my grandma and how we were the perfect banana pair when we lived together. She loves them a little green, and I love them with brown spots. These also would have made great banana bread! YUM!

When I vacuum downstairs, I always have the girls put the shoes on the stairs. Shawn was picking up one night and thought it would be funny to line all the shoes we had downstairs on the was a fun surprise to turn the corner and see all our shoes!! I think Shawn was shocked we had so many pair!

So, the girls don't really using tanning lotion - my lighting is funny on this picture. I wanted to show them in their cute dress and skirt I made for them!!

Ali - learning to write her name. No, I didn't teach her a thing, she watches Andie. All of the sudden she said, "Mom - look ALI!" So, we had to snap a picture! Pretty good for a 2 1/2 year old.

The pink boots and the pink skirt make quiet the duo!!

Decorating sugar cookies for Valentine's Day "ALL BY MY SELF!!"

Rolling out the dough

Ali and her cookie - I love the gallon of sprinkles!!

This picture is for Jill. I was on the phone with her, stirring a pot of cream of broccoli soup, when a bubble popped on my hand!! (bottom right!) It hurt so bad and blistered instantly. It burned for 2 hours...OUCH!! Just yesterday, the blister skin finally came off. I burnt it on the 9th of Feb.

One day Ali was playing on star fall (a reading website). Adalyn had crawled under the computer desk and so I wheeled Ali out of the way to reach Adalyn. I turned around to tell her sorry and saw that she was asleep - it was so funny!

I think her face says it all!!!

And so does this one!! What a funny baby!

Just some random pictures I thought I would share with you all! Have a great day!


sdbroder said...

I love these pictures and am so glad that you do this blog. Thanks for all you do! Love you!!

Southern Belle said...

that is so cool that ali can write her name. I love the pic of adalyn when she is stuck!