Friday, March 11, 2011

"What are you three dears up to?"

"Up To? Up To? UP To?" Have you watched Sleeping Beauty lately? We have. I love that movie.

Anyway - here are a few photos of what us 4 dears have been up to! (Sorry Shawn - I don't have a picture of you studying hard at school!)

Cute little baby, swinging on an airplane.  We took some friends to gymnastics, and I didn't realize we had to stay and wait for them.  Adalyn, in her pj's was having a grand ole time.
Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Frosting - MY FAVORITE!!! This had a pudding mix in it as well as mini chocolate chips. Needless to say - it was very moist and delicious.
It looks so fun and fancy on a cake plate. I enjoying baking!
We've had some really nice weather - 70's - so we spent some time at the park.
Adalyn LOVES to swing, we put her sideways so the sun wasn't in her face.  She's too cute!
After the park, we went to IHop for free pancakes on International Pancake Day. My friend LeAnn decided to do the same - so we all joined in the fun - 10 girls and Shawn enjoying pancakes.
We were all heading out and I turned to look for Ali to find her eating pancakes her friends didn't eat. Silly Ali - she cracks me up. I love her face!
We "swapped" out the toys the other day. A few months back I had put some away and so we exchanged them and found the dress up clothes....they girls were so excited (at least for the first day)!
Andie giving Adalyn a little bike ride. Adalyn loves playing with her older sisters!! Do you like her hair - the pony tail on top fell out. :)
Ali, what are you doing? "Coloring!" I loved how she was sitting - so funny.
Water Coloring - the girls love to "paint" and I finally gave in. It wasn't as bad as I thought it could be - they had a fun time.
Basically we just try to do whatever keeps us busy and entertained. I went to my first RS activity last night, that I wasn't in charge of! After 2 years - it was great to just attend and not stress about the evening. I do find myself bored...since I went from being "SUPER busy" with a church calling to "trying to find something" to do with my new calling as the ward bulletin specialist. I'm enjoying it though. It's been a good break.

We have Spring Break this next week - but no plans beyond that. I saw that "Tangled" is in the $1 theater, so maybe we'll try to take the girls to the movie. I would also like to go to Costco - but again - nothing big or fancy. That's life for now, and that's just great.

Hope everyone is well!


Southern Belle said...

Well, a trip to Gainsville is sounding so good to me right now. I need to e-mail and let people know and choose a day. Guess I better look up the times and prices.

sdbroder said...

I loved this post! Thanks for keeping up the blog and for taking care of the girls while I'm away. You are great!!

Southern Belle said...

Bahhaaha! I bet everyone at Ihop thought Shawn was a polygimist! I don't know how to spell that. I am totally just like Ali! I would always eat my friends' leftover lunches and food when I was in school! Oh wait, I still do!