Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Our First Cast

 ok, not really...but I am reminded of a cast.  A weeks ago, Andie put all of her socks on one foot.  I thought it was so funny.  Then the other day, her and Ali came downstairs again, with multiple socks on.  Who knows where they think of these funny things.

Here are the layers and layers. Too cute.

We have had such nice weather.  The girls have enjoyed lunch out on the front porch.  They love "picnics!"
Little baby continues to grow.  She loves to pull off the towel hanging on the fridge and any papers or magnets.  So, we have to be careful what we put on it. 
What a cutie!
My new style.  Andie and Ali "braided" my hair the other day.  Don't I look fantastic.  They were so proud of their work - Andie too the picture.
Little Adalyn, feel asleep on the floor before I could get her to the crib. (NOTE: the bottle was empty two hours before, and hadn't made it to the sink. I guess she used it as a binky. No, I do not put my children down to sleep with a bottle.)
Adalyn's First PB&J. It must be that she "has" to keep up with the sisters! She screams and screams if you don't give her what we are eating. She started at lunch again yesterday, so I decided to give in and give her a sandwich. She LOVED it and ate it all up. That's normal, right, for a 9 1/2 month old to eat table food. haha - I would have never done it with child #1, but baby #3, doesn't even phase me.
She also loves her sippy cup. She's growing up way too fast!


Pratt Fam said...

I love the picture of your new hair style!!!
The kiddos are darling!

KofoedFamily said...

Silly girls! They are so fun! Anders loves hanging out with them because they are so fun.

Southern Belle said...

you are so cute. And your girls are pretty cute too:)