Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My beloved 4 year old

I had to write down a few of the conversations Andie has had with me the last few days. She is killing me - so whiny, "cant' do anything", doesn't listen to a thing you say. AHH!!! Nevertheless, she is rather hilarious with what she comes up with. I have the hardest times not cracking a smile during our conversations.

Scene: Andie and Ali are upstairs, supposedly cleaning their room. Mom is downstairs with Adalyn, sewing. Andie, whining as she comes down the stairs.
Mom: Andie, don't come down until your room is clean.
Andie: But Mom!! I can't find my heart.
Mom: You can't find your heart? What heart?
Andie: The one in my tummy!
Mom: (really tired of the excuses) Andie, why do you need your heart?
Andie: Because, my heart doesn't want to clean my room!
Mom: Your heart doesn't want to clean it?
Andie: Yes
Mom: Well, you better get back upstairs and find your heart and tell it, it wants to clean your room.
Andie: (goes back upstairs crying now) But, I CAN'T WANT TO CLEAN MY ROOM - MY HEART DOESN'T WANT TO!!!
Mom: (thinking to self) Where in the world does she come up with these things?

Scene: (set a few days ago) Andie (again) is in charge of cleaning up the books in the computer room.
Mom: Andie, please clean up the books.
Andie: I can't want to!
Mom: Andie, you need to, you are the one that played with them.
Andie: I want to grow back down. I don't want to be 4 - being 4 is too hard, it's too hard for me to clean!
Mom: (Thinking to self) Oh goodness - if you're this much trouble at age 4, what do I have to look forward to?

Scene: Andie not wanting to go to bed. Just an hour previous, ate a complete dinner, plus a piece of bread, plus some extra fruit. (basically more than Shawn and I)
Mom: Goodnight Andie
Andie: Mom, my breath hurts
Mom: Your breath? How do you even know what your breath is?
Andie: It's in my tummy
Mom: Why does your breath hurt?
Andie: I think my breath is hungry.
Mom: I think your breath is tired.
Andie: No, I think it's just hurt because it's hungry - It wants a snack.
Mom: Andie, close your eyes and go to sleep, we will feed your breath in the morning.
Andie: (starting to cry) But my breath really, REALLY hurts
Mom: (turns out lights) Goodnight Andie and her breath. (Thinking to self as she's walking down the stairs) How does she know what her breath is?


carrie r. said...

This made me laugh so much! What a funny girl!

Southern Belle said...

so cute and funny!!

Whittney said...

Those are so funny! I'm glad you wrote them down.

Pratt Fam said...

So funny! If your like me you'll be glad you wrote that down, so you can laugh about it next year!