Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Little Ali Girl

Shawn mentioned that he didn't have a picture of Ali for his office. I said, "Well, no one has a picture of Ali. She is the 2nd Child - I haven't ever gone to get some done!" Sorry Ali. So, here is my attempt the last few days of getting a good picture.

She got 4 shots today - but we managed to get some cute pictures.

She also has her second tooth!! Stop growing little Ali - you are supposed to stay little.

She weighed 15lbs. 9oz.

Goofy Little Girl. Like her sister, she is going to have crazy hair! Do you like the wave?


Natalie said...

You got some cute ones! We sure loved talking to you the other day. Thanks for calling! After putting Hannah down, I kept thinking of so many more things I wanted to say/ask... I guess that means I'll have to call soon!

The Pratts said...

So cute! She is smiling so big now! I miss you little Bruce, come visit your Auntie Summer! I do love those pictures, you did some very cute ones, good job! If you send them out, don't forget us!

Delynn said...

She is getting so big so fast! She is adorable! I can't believe how incredible you and your family is. I am glad to hear Georgia is working out so well. It amazes me how fast you make friends Molly, I would still be attempting to un-pack, and not met a single soul yet. That is definitely is one of your stronger qualities! Keep us updated!

Katie Jo said...

She TOTALLY looks like a Pratt in those pictures! hehehe She's adorable... and no one needs professional pictures.. just dress her up in cute outfits and snap away, no one can tell the difference!