Friday, August 8, 2008

Flashback Friday

I saw on a few of your blogs a fun idea. So, as often as I remember, I will make Friday's my new "Flashback Friday" posts. The idea is share a memory and pictures from the past. So here we go.

Today's Flashback Friday will feature my mom!! (Although the pictures are from today!)

My mom has always been such a great friend to me! One of my favorite memories was when I was in 8th grade and I got to go with my mom to Mesa, AZ to spend a week with my aunt and cousins. It was my first time flying and I remember we were served sun chips in the plane. We both liked them so much (our first time trying them.) We also got to pick our own drinks and I remember thinking, I am so cool, to be on this trip with my mom! (I wonder now though that I am a mother why I got to go - was it because I was the most difficult child and if my mom took me then my dad could handle the other 5 children for a week? That's what I would do with my children - send the hardest one! Either way, I am glad I got to go!) The whole week I got to do everything the "adults" did. When Suzanne and my mom ran errands, I got to go. I felt so special! Thanks for choosing me mom!

I also remember all of the great things my mom has taught me over the years. And I am sure like many of you, when I was young, I vowed never to turn into my mom! Well, I take that back - I hope to be just like my mom!! She raised us well, taught me to cook and clean - and we have great memories together! Thanks Mom!!
I dropped her off at the Atlanta Airport today and am not sure when exactly I will see her in person again. Soon - I hope! My mom has become my best friend over the years, but especially since I have been married and lived just down the road from her until last Saturday. She is smart, funny, spiritual, cute and very fashionable!! I will miss our everyday errands to Walmart and the fun times we had that only a mother and daughter could understand! We have had a great week together, laughing so hard at stupid things to the point of tears - it has been great! I love you mom!
My mom and Andie are also best of friends. I can tell you, I have never been so sad to see my daughter cry. We pulled up to the airport today and I got out to get her luggage from the trunk. Mom got out and I think Andie thought we were leaving her. Mom opened the back door gave her a big hug and kiss and Andie's arms were stretched out wide. I said my goodbyes and got back into the car - Andie calmed down realizing I was staying with her. But, when we pulled away from the curb and I heard, "Mamm Ma!! Mamm Ma" and looked in the rear view mirror to see Andie crying again with her arms stretch back reaching for her grandma - I too started to cry! Andie adores her grandma and will definately miss all of the spoiling!! Everytime we went to grandma's house (pretty much a daily baisis) she would always run in looking for "Mamm Ma" and then of course the treats would come out and the love would start flowing! Thanks Mamm Ma - Andie loves you too!!
Ali took a peticular liking to Grandma T this week as she was her travel partner. She enjoyed snuggling with her on the airplane!! Grandma was great this week when Ali cried, she got fed a bottle - WHICH SHE LOVES! Ali loves playing with her grandma and would talk to her and give her big smiles ALL the time. She too will miss her and Loves her so much!

Mom - we just want you to know that we love you and appreciate ALL you have done for us. Shawn and I agree that you are a wonderful example to our children and appreciate you for treating them so special! We look forward to you coming to visit again and definately to coming home to visit you! WE LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU!

My mom is the greatest!!! What more can I say?


Natalie said...

Ohhhh, I even cried reading through your blog! What a great post and tribute to your mom... what can I say more!

Southern Belle said...

That is cute! Love the idea! I would love to get a ride on Sunday back to Athens, but we will be stopping and seeing family on our way back from NC. It makes for a long trip, but once school starts, we know we will be stuck in Athens for a bit.

The Melo's said...

I loved this post! It is so nice to have a good relationship with your mom! I don't know how often you check out our blog but since you found us I thought I would let you know that I made it private so if you ever want to look at it again send me an email and I will add you:)

tales from the tates said...

Molly, what a sweet tribute to your mom. You about had me in tears. Glad you are getting settled and making friends already. You are just so likable!!