Monday, August 11, 2008

Athens Update!

You heard about my new bed - here it is!! I love it! Thanks Shawn!

Anyways, we are doing great out here in Georgia. Some more fun facts about our move (since you just got the airport story!)

We live in a place called Brighton Park and we are on the east side of Athens. Walmart is about 2 minutes east (if that) and church is 20 minutes north/west (I think) It is hard to know directions without the mountains! Anyways, our first Sunday to church and right after Sacrament meeting a sister is wide grinned at my mom and dad. I thought, "Oh, can't seem to go anywhere without my dad knowing someone." Well, she introduces herself as Kim Bradley. Her husband Dave Bradley was a counselor to my dad in American Fork when my dad was the bishop - oh say, 25 or so years ago. (He was released when I was 5 and I am now 27 - you do the math!) Anways, they now live in Athens, and Dave Bradley is our Stake President. Isn't that crazy!!

He has been a famous name in our house for as long as I remember. Have you ever made pancakes and they were burnt on the outside but still runny in the middle? Well, we always called those Dave Bradley Pancakes because I guess one year at a father's and sons, that is how they turned out. (Sorry President Bradley!) It was a hoot! I also remembered them very distinctly because we stayed with them in Logan once when my aunt got married and we got dropped off at the Bradley's house. I told Shawn, I probably remember that (because I would have only been 9 or 10 at most) because we are here in Athens now. So, it is good to have family close by (at least I will consider them my family!!

Also, a new family moved in the same day as us - the Johnson's. They are great!! We had dinner last night with them and another family in the ward (the West's) and come to find out that Cory Johnson served with Steve in the Czech Republic! SMALL WORLD! They are starting a doctrate program as well and so we have the next four years together! I am excited to be great friends!

Getting a little better under has changed even now!

Our new ward is great and so far everything has worked out miraculously!! I am still amazed and feel so blessed! Our apartment is great - for the most part - but no major complaints - it is working perfect! It is huge, I feel like we have so much space (because we do!).

The girls made you all a video for the day! They are so funny....can't seem to get anything done around the house with them here - oh well, that's what life is all about, right?

Well, we hope to get more done around the home today. Oh, one last funny story. We signed up to feed the missionaries this Wednesday so at church yesterday I asked them what they wanted to eat. They were shy about it and I said, "Hey, I served a mission, I know what it is like - now is your time!" Still nothing. So I said, "Well, what do you eat a lot here? Like in Utah they always get roast and potatoes - so what are you always served?" One spoke up and said, "Speghetti and Pizza!" I then said, "Ok, no speghetti and pizza!" The other missionary then said, "Did you say roast and potatoes?" I turned to him and his face had the biggest eyes and his mouth was watering. I said, "Does that sound good?" The Elder said, "You would make that for us?" "SURE!" They both got so excited - I felt so bad. Poor guys, probably never give meat. We makes sense, we are all poor college students, but I will sacrifice for the missionaries - so many members helped me out on my mission, I feel grateful for the opportunity to give back!

So, Pot Roast and Potatoes it is - sounds yummy to me!


Southern Belle said...

We finally made it back. I am glad you found people you know. It has been crazy at all the people we have met and that know us from somewhere. I am thinking of having the Fox's and you all over for dinner sometime LATER this week. Would Friday or Saturday work for you? I have a lot going on this week with unpacking and getting life back in order.

Natalie said...

Hannah is sitting with me and was excited to see "molly and andie!" She watched the video very intently and then said "again!" We sure love you guys!

Sounds like you guys are making friends fast. Are those people you had dinner with in your same complex?And how fun to have the missionaries over... that will be one of the best parts of being there, I think, missionary work!

Love the bed and bedding set!

Katie Jo said...

Looks like you're being totally blessed! I remember the Bradley's names too... hahah so funny!!!! I'm not sure my dad can go anywhere without someone knowing him either.

Funny about the missionaries. When we were in San Diego a couple months ago, my brother fed the missionaries Steak! HAH They were both from Utah and LOVED it. They said they were so sick of rice, beans, and tortillas, cause they're in the Spanish speaking part. So funny!!!

The Melo's said...

Looks like fun. I can't tell you how happy I have been here in Michigan, we have made so many friends and have learned so much, I think it is important to be away from family and learn to depend on each other. I am excited for the adventures you will be having there!

Jamie said...

I'm so glad you guys have gotten settled and are enjoying it out there. I hope you keep making new friends and stay happy! Cute missionary story!!