Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fun Day

Our RS President invited a bunch of sister's over yesterday to go swimming. It was so much fun. Ali LOVED her chair and just relaxing in the water. She came home and took almost a 3 hour nap - I need to go swimming more often. Andie had a lot of fun until I decided that I would teach her to plug her nose. I blew in her face (someone told me to do that) told her to close her mouth, I plugged her nose and we went under! She came up and smiled, I helped her wipe the water from her eyes (I think she had them closed) and then we continued swimming. I had to check on Ali (she wasn't in the water yet, just hanging out in her car seat) and Andie was playing on the steps - she was content and didn't want to get back in! Hopefully I didn't traumatize her, I am pretty sure she just liked that she could sit on the first step and kick and do it "herself" Either way, we had a great time!I would have loved to of had my camera the whole time - Ali was grinning so big and totally loving the water. She was an old grandma prune by the time we got out. It was great!
Andie had so much fun! She loved to sit on the edge and dangle her toes in the water.
Here are some of our new friends.
Mara is holding Emma and Cole is the only one smiling! They are great.

Here are both girls in the new stroller! I love it! Although it doesn't have cup holders, I had not noticed earlier on the back of their seats there is a great pocket which holds the water bottles/ keys, snacks, etc. We took it on a walk last night around 7pm - not a hard walk, but it was humid so it wore us all out. This picture was at the end of the walk - the girls were ready for air conditioning and so was I. Thank Joy and Jocelyn for walking with us - we had a great time!


The Pratts said...

So cute! Ali is getting so big! I am glad they had a good time with their new friends. The strooler is awesome, totally good pick!

Brandon and Jen Jensen said...

How fun! I really like Andie's little rash guard shirt. That sure is a cute one. I have one for all my kids and they were such a life saver this summer. I like the stroller too.

gregg + camille said...

Molly - I love checking in on your blog and your family! Check out our blog we would love to hear from you. Cute family!

Breanne said...

Hey Molly!! I'm so glad I found you! I can't believe that you have 2 kids already! They are beautiful! I'm excited to keep in touch through blogger. Here's mine:

Natalie said...

Okay... I really have been looking at your blog, but I haven't commented in a while. Hannah loves seeing the pictures on the side of Ali and Andie but then she always wants to see a picture of you too... so we have to scroll down to that picture of you and your mom(its now on the next page... so could you get another one of yourself on there please?!) :)

I got on craigslist recently after seeing your adorable bookshelf! What a great find! Hopefully I'm going to get a little toybox for Beans room from craigslist too. And I can't believe EVERY room in your house is in order. I think EVERY room in my house is out of order!

Well, love ya. I'll have to call you soon. Sounds like you are making fast friends and doing well!