Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Frogs...Labor Day...First Timers

Here are last weekends events, and of course, today's as well. On Saturday night, we watched the Palmer girls (he is our new bishop and his birthday was on Sunday, so we offered to watch their 4 girls to give them a chance to get out!) Let me tell you, they were the funnest, most creative little girls. We had a blast!! (Well, I should speak for myself. I don't know how Shawn felt with 7 girls in the house! It was great!)

We went for a walk and they started catching frogs. We have a million jumping around all the time. The girls wanted a jar to put them in and I didn't have one. We took 2 plastic cups and made a little cage. Then they wanted to make a home for them. This is what we came up with. It was so fun to see their imagination at work! Thanks Amy, Amber, Mary and Megan - you girls can come over ANYTIME!!

Labor Day was uneventful. Shawn, which you all know, has little time on his hands, so what did he do on Monday? His day off to spend with the family?
YEP - He read TWILIGHT!! It was funny. He was getting so mad, "I thought Edward and Bella were supposed to be in Love, why is he being so rude to her?" "I don't get this..." I just said, "Keep reading, it will explain it all!" You see, the problem is, he has heard too much from all of us that have read and so is very confused that the author has to "set up" the story. I don't know when he'll ever get time to read again - but I thought it was funny that's what he chose to do with his time.
Andie and I on the other hand goofed off and had fun. I did get sucked into reading Edwards version of Twilight online, since Stephanie Meyer is not writing the book anymore - It was great! Go to for more!
Andie got to be our homeless version of a child on Monday. Don't worry, we have a stain stick for the shirt. That's what you get when your child refuses to wear a bib! Below is a video of her drinking from a cup without the lid. She thinks it's great. Every time I let her "practice" she takes a drink of whatever it is, even water, and says, "Mmmmmmmm!" It is hilarious.
WOW - What a mess maker! You will love the video of her drinking from the cup!

And then our little Ali. She has her 2 bottom teeth and is determined to grow up faster than I am wanting, but I will do what I can to please her. So, here is her video of enjoying Rice Cereal for the very first time. Sorry for all the talking/background noise. I think it is hilarious how she tries to eat. What a cutie!

(after an hour of trying to upload the video, I gave up. I will put it in a separate post!)

Well, Another long post - I'm sorry. I guess that's what you get for me taking so long to publish! Hope you all have a wonderful day/week!


John and Becky Bowler said...

That is so cool that Shawn is reading Twilight!!! I'm trying to get John to read it...and he's not convinced yet. :)

Natalie said...

Love that Shawn was reading Twilight! I haven't read Breaking Dawn yet, but just got it from my sister in law!

You are so fun! What a good mom and ward member you are! Hey, I tagged you! Once things have settled down a little bit for you I hope to see 6 things about you!

Moeller Fam said...

Hey Molls! That's hilarious that your husband was reading one of the vampire books. My sister got me hooked last summer, but my hubby won't touch them. How funny! I'm reading Breaking Dawn right now. Your girls are darling and your look beautiful!