Saturday, September 6, 2008

Go DAWGS (I miss the Cougars, and I'm not even a football fan!)

OK really - I don't get it. How can someone (meaning a whole town) be completely obsessed over something so stupid. Well, I guess it is not stupid, just not my thing. There is another football game today - CRAZY PEOPLE again. I must say, it is kinda cool living somewhere where everyone has a passion for the same thing, but really, it is a crazy passion. If you are not wearing red on game WEEKEND (starting Friday, maybe Thursday) then you get stared down!

Last Monday, I walked with my friends Joy and Sarah on campus and we walked right pass the stadium - really cool. Did you know it holds over 92,000 people? If we ever get visitors here in Georgia, this will be our main attraction.

It was interesting. The guys all wear Georgia red shirts, but it is tradition for girls to wear black sun dresses with red beads (looked cute, but not anything I would wear to a football game! Especially with the humidity!)

Note: Many satellites to watch TV before the party starts, during the party and after. Do you like the canopy's in the space between two parking rows? They are EVERYWHERE. No, that is not a real dog at a fire hydrant, just little statues someone had set up with all of their stuff - I couldn't get enough.

Also, many of these people would do well in Sunbeams. They have bean bags that they play like horse shoes. They set up two stands with holes and throw bean bags - Weird.

Mind you, these pictures were taken this morning around 9am, game doesn't start till 3:30, but you can start tailgating as early as 7am. I guess it reminds me of camping out for the 4th of July parade in Provo, which yes, many don't understand, but how can you not? Again, I just don't get it!

Needless to say, it was an adventure, a "quiet one" Joy said as of course once closer to game time, it would get a LOT worse and many more drunks! Yes, at 9am they were already downing their drinks. Interesting to say the least, and just say maybe 1/10 or better 1/100 part of campus!

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