Friday, September 19, 2008

Ali's Tricks

I apologize in advance for the "wonderful" filming, but I just wanted to show off my little daughter at 5 months old! She has been rolling for a month, but scooting just this past week!
The first video is more rolling, but the second video at the end is exactly what I have been trying to capture!! Way to go Ali!



tales from the tates said...

Boy she is really getting around! Isn't it so exciting at each little milestone :)

Brandon and Jen Jensen said...

Cute stuff! It is so fun to see their firsts.

The Pratts said...

Way to go Ali!!! Logan needs a great example like you to follow. You are so smart!!! We love you.

The Pratts said...

This is H. Not fair. Logan is 9 months and sure he rolls around, but Ali's got some real determination in that scoot. She's like a tiger about to pounce on a herd of antelopes. Logan is like a Hippo trying to scare off that little bird from his back.

Molly said...