Monday, September 29, 2008


Andie is turning two in December....need I say more?

She has been such a CRAZY girl, full of energy and love (for her toys and everything else she doesn't think someone should touch!) We had her friend Carter over last Thursday when Shawn was out making visits. He his much like DAVID (who we miss SO much!) It was so fun though, because when Carter and his mom (Rachel) were leaving Andie started saying, "Carty, Carty?" She was looking for him and absolutely adores him! Carter, we need to have you over more often!

Anyways, here are a few pictures of Andie
These were taken last Sunday - yes you know the day! She looked so cute with her pigtails, hard to see in the pictures of course, but she just looks like a grown up little girl. After she woke up, we got her dressed and enjoyed reading books!

Andie has not enjoyed eating lately, just wants "snacks" not dinner. So, I had to take picture because she was very much enjoying chicken alfredo that night.

She is such a goofy girl - but we love her SO much!

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