Saturday, September 6, 2008


If you do nothing else but watch this video - it will be great! I just had to show at 20 months old how smart my daughter is. Yes, we practice every day and each time she brings me her "color, color" we spell Andie. I am just glad we finally got it on video!

PS - My blog music comes on automatically but it has a pause button, so you can pause it and then you will be able to hear the videos that I post. (If you have had trouble in the past - some have asked)


Southern Belle said...

Way to go Andie!!

Brandon and Jen Jensen said...

She is so awesome! And you are an awesome mommy for doing that with her. Megan and Zach are enjoying Kindergarten so much. My only complaint is that it isn't all day...I think they would both enjoy that-okay well, and me too!!!

Natalie said...

yay Andie! Good job Molly! Hannah loves her letters too... it just takes lots of repetition! what a smart girl!