Saturday, September 6, 2008

Andie helping Dad

WOW - What a week!! For some reason, Labor Day didn't give us extra time this week, it just made a shorter week seem more hectic.

Andie is such a great helper - helping Shawn today put together a cabinet we got for the computer room. Once he pulled out the screw driver, she wouldn't let it go, so he came up with an alternative way (not sure what) and was able to continue putting it together with "her help" She was so focused on the task at hand...put the scredriver in a hole too small for it to fit. She spent all morning trying! It was great.

I had been asked to teach Institute on Friday because the teacher was going to be out of town. He asked me to teach from the tree of life through the rest of 1st Nephi. HA! The only time I found where I could actually concentrate on the lesson was the night before where I happened to stay up until 3:30am. Needless to say, it was a long night. Shawn took the girls while I taught and they went and got me flowers (he also brought the girls home, bathed them and picked up the house! Thanks Shawn!!!) They flowers are so pretty - funny because I had been thinking the day or to before, "It's too bad Shawn is not the type of guy to just show up with flowers on a random day!" Boy did he prove me wrong!

Andie ready for Institute. YES - she was in her pajamas, had her shoes on backwards, was wearing a hat too small for her head and wanted to take her "color, color" This is how we went - aren't I a great mom! It made me laugh!

Finally, a video of Andie being such a great big sister. Ali loves Andie, loves to play with her and LAUGHS anytime she has her attention. I had to catch this on video - hope you enjoy!

PS - Her video of eating rice cereal is too big so we are determining a different way to downsize it and post it. Any suggestions?


Southern Belle said...

You can import the video into Windows movie maker and then cut things out. Then you can save it to your computer and change the size. If you need help, let me know. It is a fun program and you have it for free!

Natalie said...

What cute sisters! You can tell they love each other. I can't believe Andie let her pull her hair.

what a good dad too... to let Andie help and have the screwdriver!

Natalie said...

Hannah was fascinated by this video. She kept saying, "what's Ali dooning?!" She wants to watch the videos of your girls over and over, "gin (again) mommy!"

Molly said...

Hannah - you are so cute! Thanks for watching